What It's Really Like To Live In New York City With Kids

Looking for a new place to move to with your family? Read what it's like to live in New York City with kids and consider it for your new home.

What It's Really Like To Live In New York City With Kids
What It's Really Like To Live In New York City With Kids
What It's Really Like To Live In New York City With Kids

The Big Apple – the melting pot of people and cultures, the city of opportunities and excitement. Indeed, it’s not the place we associate with a family lifestyle that includes kids. However, many people confirm it’s a great place to raise a kid if you take the right approach. So, what’s the truth? In this guide, we’ll discover what it’s really like to live in New York City with kids. What are the advantages and disadvantages of raising a family in one of the most popular cities in the world? Here's everything you should know if you're thinking about moving to NYC with your loved ones.

Disclaimer – people raise kids everywhere in the world

If faced with fear, doubts, or judging comments by others, just remember that kids grow up everywhere in the world. Indeed, living in a big city is not what we all imagine the best option for young ones, yet it has both pros and cons. If you figure out the best way to handle daily challenges with kids, it doesn't matter where you are. Bringing up kids can be pretty demanding in the city, but there are ways you can make it fun and exciting for everyone – especially in a place such as New York!

You’ll walk a lot

New Yorkers walk a lot. It’s easier to get around, and you can avoid a fair amount of traffic this way. For that reason, the distance from point A to point B is relative in New York. Something you’ve found too far away will become within walking distance in NYC. So, when living here with kids, you can expect you’ll walk everywhere with them, to a local park, to kindergarten or school, or to the cinema. And that’s great! Physical activity is what makes us stronger and healthier, so you’ll be passing a good habit to your young ones.

Remember: if you have a baby, invest in a good-quality stroller. You'll need it once you decide to live in New York with kids. It's best to find a lightweight travel stroller that you can carry wherever you go and fold and pack when you're not using it. For a slightly older kid, get a scooter and enjoy the ride around the city.

Driving and public transportation

New Yorkers avoid using their cars, except on weekend getaways. There are many reasons for it – traffic jams, high maintenance costs, and lack of parking space. The alternative is using public transportation. The truth is, in New York, you can quickly get around with your young one sitting in your lap. Even though it's the safest option, it’s not necessary to have a car seat while riding a bus or a taxi with your child, so this makes it easier to reach different NYC locations.

Lack of space

We all know that kids' equipment takes up a lot of space. This is quite a challenge for parents living in NYC, as the apartments are pretty small here. You'll have to be more practical when choosing baby furniture and other items and pick smaller or multi-functional pieces that save space. Also, buying in bulk doesn’t work for families living in the city. Even though it’s easier to do that when you have kids, you’ll have to buy the groceries or other items when you need them.

 Finally, simplifystorage.com experts recommend renting a storage unit after you move to NYC. It will be very helpful during the moving process, but also for keeping kids’ seasonal items, old toys, and outgrown clothes. New Yorkers love storage units as they prove to be very helpful for those living in the city's relatively small homes.

Abundance of opportunities

You may lack some free space in your apartment, but your kids will not lack anything else once they go out. NYC is a favorite among many families because of the abundance of opportunities to have fun, learn and develop skills. There's always something to do, and your kids can enjoy museums, playgrounds, sports activities, and so much more. For that reason, New Yorkers appreciate their free time a lot. Focusing on the time you spend with your family will make you see why NYC is a great place to live.

Schools in NYC

Probably the biggest headache for all NYC parents is picking the right school for their kids. The good thing about this is that the city offers so many different education options. Public, private, religious schools – you name it. However, the application process is often complicated. That’s why we suggest you start dealing with this as early as possible. You’ll have enough time to pick a school according to your location, budget, but most importantly – your kid’s interests.

Where to live in New York City with kids?

Even though the city is pretty busy, there are some locations you should consider when moving with your young ones. The most family-friendly areas are:

  • Carroll Gardens – a charming neighborhood with lovely tree-lined streets, cute local shops, and a tranquil place to raise kids.
  • Tribeca – if you’re looking for a home in an upscale neighborhood, this is the right place for you. Just make sure you hire the movers that cover the Tribeca area. This safe residential neighborhood is becoming more popular with families, so be sure to check it out.
  • Park Slope – well-known as a family-friendly location and probably one of the favorites in Brooklyn. Moms and dads can enjoy numerous activities with their young ones here, strolling down its pedestrian-friendly streets and having meals in some of the lovely restaurants.
  • Riverdale – this lovely residential neighborhood north of Manhattan attracts many families with kids. Great schools, Riverdale Park, and increased safety make this place one of the best places to live in New York.

Now it’s time to start the research and choose where you’ll live in New York City with kids. Take your time, enjoy the process and make this city your new home!


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