7 Accessories that Every Man Should Own

Fashion is not only about branded clothes you should have some fashion accessories for improving your look and here I have written some check

7 Accessories that Every Man Should Own

7 Accessories that Every Man Should Own

Want to look more attractive? trust me you will need to add some accessories for looking more good because only clothes are not enough for enhancing your looks you will need to add some accessories for being more attractive that's why we are here to share some of the best fashion things within this blog you will be reading about 10 Accessories that Every Man Should Own so without wasting time lets start our blog 

Fashion is not only about clothes you should also have some accessories for improving your look and here i have collected some of the best fashion accessories which you should have and those accessories will make you look more attractive also don't forget to check the best fashion tips for men


The first one on our list is Watch

  1. Always Have a Watch 

Many of you are wearing a watch but are you wearing the right size watch? I mean I've seen many people wearing a large size watch and that looks so bad so try to choose the right size watch for you it should be fit not too big or small get whats right for you

  • Choose the right size watch for you
  • Get the right color watch most common colors ( Black & Brown )
  • Buy 2 Watches ( 1 Formal + 1 Casual Or Sports )
  • Invest in quality but don't invest too much 

2. A pair of Good sunglasses

I know it doesn't make any sense but glasses enhance your look and make you more attractive I am not saying that you should wear that stylish blue or black color glasses all the time I am suggesting you buy basic glasses. there are some glasses which helps your eyes to avoid UV rays 

  • Have 2 types of glasses ( Classic and second one is stylish )
  • Glasses will also help you to avoid screen UV rays
  • Enhances your look makes you more attractive

3.You should at least have a Slim Wallet 

 I have told many people always have a slim wallet how do you manage your all money and cards? are you going to just place those things in your pockets without any wallet it looks so messy and also it will impact your image?

  • Always have a slim wallet 
  • Get the right color watch 
  • don't get any designer wallet to have a slim wallet 

4. Basic Best Sneakers 

Sneakers are best for everyone almost everyone likes sneakers but very few people wear sneakers. you should at least have one sneaker for you Ill suggest you buy white sneakers because it looks so good and it also makes you look better 

  • You should at least have 1 sneaker for you 
  • I will suggest you buy white sneakers 
  • Sneakers are best for daily use or you can even use it while traveling

5. Have Formal Shoe - Formal Fashion

You're always wearing sneakers on every occasion and on every outfit I will suggest you to avoid wearing sneakers on all outfit try to buy or have one formal shoe because formal shoes look better and it improves your formal attire and it will make you look more attractive

  • Always have one formal shoe
  • Avoid wearing sneakers on every outfit try formals shoes on formals attire
  • At least have one formal shoe ( Black Shoe or Brown Shoe )

6.Formal Belt - Formal Fashion

So here it comes again a belt is must for a formal attire because a belt is not only for making your pant fit it is one of the best accessories in a fashion which you must have because a belt makes your formal attire better and best 

  • At least have one belt ( Black belt or Brown belt )
  • A belt is must for a formal attire
  • Don't spend too much on a belt 

7. Perfume - Important In Fashion

Only wearing clothes is not important your wearing clothes and accessories but what if you stinking that will ruin your image and it will be so embarrassing if you go out to a party or a date without a colonial and the personal front you will feel uncomfortable with this so I will suggest you have or apply a colonial for being more attractive don't use too much of fragrance because too much of that can make a person uncomfortable

  • You should have a good perfume
  • don't apply you're perfuse regular
  • Don't use too much perfume

Here we have done with our blog hope you have liked reading this blog and you will be going to apply these things in your life for looking more attractive and if you want a blog on some topic you can easily comment below and let us know we will try to make the best blog for you and don't forget to subscribe this blog

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