Unique Travel Website Development Features You Should Include

If you’re serious about your business, you’d probably want to offer the best quality merchandise or services. Of course, it’s just half the battle. Without a strong presence on the internet, your product or service will remain unreachable, and you’ll recede into the background.

Every business firm requires a presence on the internet to acquire potential customers, as long as the company remains afloat. The same goes for travel agencies. However, if your website has the following features, your attempts will bear fruit.

  1. Augmented Reality: Are you familiar with the term Augmented Reality or AR? It has become quite a sensation in the travel industry. This system offers a virtual tour with a 3D view of all the locations, apart from real-time weather forecasts, Wi-Fi hotspots, and others. One of the main reasons behind the popularity of AR is that it helps hotels and other similar establishments. It does so by enhancing the photographs of the physical environments of the area and hotel rooms three-dimensionally.


  1. Virtual Reality: Just like AR, Virtual Reality or VR has a role to play in the tourism industry. In reality, it has become more of an attraction point. With VR, you can fabricate guided tours of any place around the world. It will even help travel enthusiasts explore lesser-known destinations by providing them with a 360-degree view. This piece of technology will let your customers explore the location and the amenities available at the accommodation establishments. In turn, it’ll generate trust among your clients towards your business.


  1. Big data: Big data is something a reputable travel website development company will always suggest incorporating into your website. After all, it aids you in making predictions concerning purchase behavior based on trends, patterns, and associations. Big data is the technological lifeblood that sustains world-renowned business houses, such as Uber, Amazon, Netflix, and Facebook. Whenever you open the websites or apps of these companies, they provide suggestions before you type anything in the search bar. Big data is behind this magical predictability feature.


  1. Blockchain: Most people tend to associate blockchain with cryptocurrency. However, blockchain technology has hundreds of other implications. For the tourism industry, blockchain offers transparency and security. For instance, travel agents have to pass customer information to airline organizations and hotels. With blockchain technology, you can keep tabs on every piece of information passed between companies. Blockchain can add security by negative all possibilities of fraud and data tampering.


  1. PWAs: PWA is the abbreviated term for Progressive Web Applications. PWAs are a combination of mobile apps and web pages. It’s a relatively new entrant in the field of tourism, but it is gaining fame rather quickly. PWAs boast of the usefulness of native solutions, and they don’t require a user to download anything. This feature gives it an edge over conventional applications. That’s why they also have a massive usage ratio and conversion rate. A proficient travel website development company can build a PWA for you.


To conclude

You probably have a list of features in your mind that you’ll include in your new online business platform. These include an easy-to-use booking system, predictive search systems, images, search filters, etc.

While these are great, you’ll find them on almost every travel website on the internet. The ones mentioned above, however, are rare. You’ll run into those features only on the most frequented online tourism platforms.

If you hope to set yourself apart from the rest, you have to go above and beyond. These features will help you in achieving that.

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