5 Elegant & Graceful Wardrobe Design Styles for 2020 & Beyond!

This blog will give you ideas to increase the storage space of your bedroom’s wardrobe for practicality and style.

5 Elegant & Graceful Wardrobe Design Styles for 2020 & Beyond!

Have you cleaned up your wardrobe recently only to discover that your wardrobe needs a fresh makeover so that it becomes highly functional, gets ample storage and looks classy? Don’t worry! This blog will give you ideas to increase the storage space of your bedroom’s wardrobe for practicality and style.

1. Desirable Layouts

Hinged or walk-in wardrobe layouts are a highly desirable choice if your room size can accommodate it.

(A) Walk-In or Walk-Through Wardrobe

Walk-in or walk-through wardrobes are luxurious, and they can be used to display all your valued possessions. Besides, island benches within the walk-in or walk-through wardrobes augment the style instantly. If your room has adequate space, then an island bench is a welcome add on. They allow you to increase your storage as deep drawers provide extra space-saving storage that lets you store specific items. They look elegant and classy when quartz stone benchtop installed over it, captivating door finishes applied, and beautiful door handles fitted to them.

Tip: In case you don’t have the space to accommodate an island bench in your walk-in wardrobe space, then you can get a classy feel by including a make-up desk.

(B) Hinged Wardrobe

A hinged wardrobe is an extremely well-liked layout — with its diverse door sizes and functional design layout, it’s perfect for small and large bedroom sizes. They produce a feature wall with superb storage that facilitates you to keep all things concealed behind soft-closing doors.

Tip: Adding a make-up station or desk corner to your brand-new hinged bountiful wardrobe will augment the looks of the classy and highly functional layout-design.

2. Handles — Graceful & Stylish

Though handles are a small accessory, it can change the look and feel of your wardrobe doors and lets you to create the style you desire not only for your bedroom but also rest of your property, so you get a seamless ambience across your home. With an array of stylish bar, knobs, and peak integrated handles, you’ll get a handle design to suit any wardrobe style.

Antique brown and brass handles look graceful on wardrobes. Select handles that gel with your wardrobe style. For Shaker-style door, brass-look hardware is an ideal choice while brushed ball-handles augment the swish look.

Tip: Look through the entire range of handles and cautiously select your wardrobe door handles as it can change the look and feel of your wardrobe.

3. Frame

Enhance your wardrobe with captivating black frame glass shelves — it’s an ideal selection for showcasing your valued accessories like fragrances, handbags, hats etc. The smooth matte black frame is the in-thing and effortlessly gels with other accessories; besides, the glass lends a classy feel of a boutique to your bedroom. Moreover, black frame glass shelves are an attention-grabbing design feature for your master en suite bedroom having hinged wardrobes.

Tip: You can create a separate look within your space by blending artwork pieces from prints, carving and other decors with your wardrobe items. Moreover, you can change its look for every season to keep it fresh and gripping; however, ensure keeping your essential things within your easy reach.

4. Premium Quality Finishes

Blending high-quality doors and superior interior finishes guarantee your bountiful wardrobes operate fittingly, as well as, look stunning for many years to come. Are you fond of the sheer coastal look or modern Hamptons in your home? Well, Sierra white-matt doors with their appealing Shaker profile along with Ash Firenze interiors is a pleasing combination for the wardrobe. However, if you have a personal inclination towards white cabinetry, then go for pure white doors with light-wood interiors.

Tip: Brass handles are a fantastic choice for adding contrast and curiosity against the pure white-matt cabinetry!

5. Upgrade Your Wardrobe Design to the Next Level!

Look out for space-saving possibilities in your new wardrobe for storing your clothing, footwear and other accessories. Matte-black accessories will look stunning for all fittings across the hinged bountiful wardrobe range. Small details like these will upgrade your wardrobe design to the next level.

Tip: Build your wardrobe by blending trouser rails, pullout wire baskets and shoe racks, and balance it with full-extension runners and soft-closing mechanisms. What’s more, you can select matte black hinges and handles for your matte black wardrobe doors to create an elegant yet refined look.

The Bottom Line

With these fabulous wardrobe style ideas, you can create an impressive wardrobe of your dreams that’s not only spacious but also elegant and graceful.

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