How To Care For Your New Lawn

How To Care For Your New Lawn

Many people love their lawn, and they use the best material for them. But after some time the lawn also wants to maintain. In this article, we will tell you how to manage your garden.

When you’re new lawn completed 6 weeks they need maintenance. The turf you used must be best. You can buy it from Sydney based turf suppliers because best turf will make a perfect sense that you want to make sure and it also perform well. So we are giving you the best advice then how can you keep the grass healthy of your lawn. 

5 Rules To Caring The New Turf

Below we have mentioned 5 crucial rules which will help you 

  • Give water regularly to your lawn and never let the ground dry out.
  • Keep off the grass until it has rooted.
  • When the grass is growing well then mow a little
  • The soil should be healthy for root growth.
  • In the new laws don’t allow fallen leaves and debris to accumulate.
  1. Watering

Watering to grass is essential, around the grass almost 80 per cent is water level. The water is primary function is to carry the nutrients to every single cell so that the plant can grow roots and shoots as well as a harness. The sunlight also makes food from their energy. By the plant rots water is drawn up from the soil. This process is done by the tiny pores, which is also known as stomata.

When the turf is growing in the field, then it develops long and strong roots of up to a metre long—the high proportion of those roots slices of in the harvesting process. When the root comes in contact with the garden soil, then the roots will grow back relatively quickly.

When they try established in the soil, then the roots will struggle to find enough to support the whole plant. Water is freely available, so make sure that your turf never is dry out. In the hot weather give it to water two times a day.

Om the first of the week when giving water twice a day to newly laid turf. Then once it started to be in about 2-3 times per week and after 6 weeks, you can drop down this process, gives only once per week. This process can take around two weeks for shallow roots to start to embed.

  1. Wear and Tear

The lawn grass should be durable because its leaves quickly outgrow the damage. The newly turf is using all of its energy to grow roots and get established. In the first week of new lawn don't go in the lawn because it’s crushed by feet or toys.

  1. Mowing

Once the root is working their way, then the grass starts to grow. This is the time of mowing. Mowing grass keeps it looking neat. It also encourages the plant to grow new leave from the base of the lawn, so the sward stays thick. These are some main tips and trick you can make your yard beautiful.

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