How To Build An On-Demand Car Wash App?

How To Build An On-Demand Car Wash App?

Thinking about washing a car, GRRR…

That is TOO MUCH to ask for!

Car washing comes with its own challenges and the biggest out of all is to send it for car washing. For the car washing, you need to plan in advance and need to keep the schedule in accordance with the car washing.

Today, technology has disrupted every possible sector and industry around us, and it is hard to resist the technology to handle our daily schedule. It has not just transformed the way we do the business, but even the way we people access their services has also got transformed.

Further, the COVID-19 has given a boost to the on-demand services, letting users access everything at their fingertips. Now you must be wondering, why we are mentioning on-demand services suddenly because the app we are going to talk about is a car washing app.

Yes, you heard it all correct and strong, surprisingly car washing is one of the high-in-demand services that has brought us convenience at the max.

Let’s churn the details in this post today, to understand how to build a scalable on-demand service for car washing. 

The need for a car washing app

Hmm, a very valid question, when we think of car washing, then there are different obstacles waiting for you. It is not limited to pre-scheduling it, but even it also involves standing in the long queue, before getting the services. Indeed, it is time taking, and this has led to a much-dignified solution that is a car washing app. 

It does not require any other services or waiting to be considered first, but as a user, you only need to press a few buttons on the smartphone, and the deal is done.

How to get started?

Well, to get started with the car wash business, you need to spend some time researching the best services for your customers, and here investing in a digital business would really help you carve out a better recognition for your services. However, you need to understand how to make your car wash business a part of the gig-economy and win the hearts of the users. You can build a strong business platform for your users letting them grab the services through the digital mode. 

However, to build a successful app requires a series of features, that must be taken into consideration before investing in the online presence. Here we have brought you a quick look at a number of features and functionalities that must be a part of your app development.

One of the best strategies to proceed with the car wash app is to get a hold of both B2B or B2C. As it will help you to get a wider expansion to the customer base, which would not be limited to one region or sector, but your services would be extended to larger geographies.

For Customer App

Sign up/ Login

This feature enables users to sign up and login through social media credentials or other details. You must keep them as short as possible, and help them to access the app effortlessly.

Car Wash Package

Here users get the option to select any particular package from the available list.

Car Location Preference

With this feature, users get the choice to select the service center in the vicinity and get the services as per their requirements

Multiple Car Option

As the name suggests, it helps users to select multiple cars for the service.

Payment Module

It gives users an incredible option to pay through different modules, which can be COD, online baking, or e-wallets.

Reviews & Ratings

It helps users to share their experiences with other users through reviews and ratings.

For Detailer App

Log in/Sign up

It helps dealers to sign up and login through the app portal.

Accept/Reject Service

Dealers get the option to reject or accept the services as per their needs.

Push messages

It lets dealers send the notification to users when their car service gets completed.

View History

Dealers get the choice to view and update the history of car services once they get completed.

Receive Payment

The dealer gets the intimation about the payment received and can also raise the invoice once the services are done.

For Admin App

This portal is all about the on-demand car wash solution, letting businesses keep track of all types of activities that are going around the car washing app.

You need to include some of the most relevant features here, such as:

  • Technician Registration

  • User Payment Management

  • Time zone management 

  • Discount & offers

  • Help or support

This was the quick rundown of the car wash app features, and by including them in your app, you can get a scalable service system for your business. 

If you wonder what would be the cost to build an on-demand car wash app? Then you must know that the cost of a mobile app depends on various factors, such as functionalities, features, technologies among many other aspects, that spike the cost.

Hence you need to get efficient mobile app development services from your selected app builder and proceed ahead.

Future of on-demand car wash app

Indeed, the very concept of car-washing has increased drastically over the past few years, and the on-going pandemic has just triggered the demand. Hence it is a valuable choice to invest your time and money into it. 

Car apps are going to stay for longer as they bring convenience and comfort for the users, so invest in this concept before it gets too late for your business.

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