5 Myths Related To Healthy Dental Practices

5 Myths Related To Healthy Dental Practices

As anything of human adaptations and advancements, myths are something which always go hand in hand with this. Myths are somewhat increasing nowadays. It seems even if everyone knows myths are inevitable. It will remain till the last human that survives! We will bust 5 common myths related to healthy dental practices that many of us actually believe to be actual facts, we will tell you what the actual facts are and get ready to go bamboozled! You can also get views from Local Dentists on this, if you think we are over pushing it.

Top 5 Myths Related to Healthy Dental Practices We Will Bust Today Are:

  1. Milk Teeth Not Be Cared

Well it Kinda Makes Sense!.

In case you don’t know, Milk teeth are the first set of teeth in a child. These are also temporary teeth and you can replace them with permanent sets of teeth. So it’s very plausible not to take care of milk teeth as anyway it’s going to change with a set of permanent teeth, so taking care of it is enough. 

Well that’s Not the Case! 

The fact is that to and from the teeth there are a rich set of nerves and blood vessels that supply the teeth. It is a permanent set or the temporary (Milk) set of teeth. So not at all caring for the temporary set of teeth actually puts the child in risk of infections and further complications. The blood is heaven for bacteria so if an infection causing organism such as bacteria somehow reaches the blood it can potentially reach anywhere in the bloodstream! This can get very dangerous and sometimes lead to fatal conditions. Also to add on, the child’s immune system is not well developed, so it technically puts more risk to the child than we think! Get wisdom teeth extraction from our experts at affordable prices.

  1. Frequent Brushing Keeps Your Teeth Healthy 

Again a very plausible myth! ‘The more you do something, the better it becomes.’ Well that’s not the case with your teeth even though you can protect it by the hardest naturally occurring substance called enamel. Actually frequent brushing causes trauma to the enamel and the gums. Dental experts suggest that this habit can eventually lead to gum recession. Some experts also hold a view that one should not brush for more than 3 times a day 

  1. Sugar Causes Cavities 

It’s one of the most common myths around the world! Well to fact check, it’s a partial myth. Sugar itself cannot cause cavities. It is the bacteria that feeds on the sugar that causes this cavity, so a more appropriate statement would be that bacteria feeding on sugar causes cavities! 

  1. Only Visit the Dentist When Needed

It is one of the most common practices that we have than a myth, the best thing would be to have regular checkups so that early progression of disease in the earlier stage could be cured easily. It’s recommended by dental experts to have one dental check up twice a year that is every 6 months. 

  1. Chewing Gum Can Be Better Than Brushing 

The fact here is that chewing gum can give you a better breath and not better teeth! You can't replace it by Brushing your teeth and also sugar free chewing gums you must use. Otherwise ‘bacteria feeding on sugar can lead to tooth decay.’ Hope this article shedded some light on myths. If you have still problem then you can ask from 

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