Classic Interiors furniture

A classic Interiors 2022 is often seen as such above all in relation to its architecture made up of moldings on the ceiling and relief plinths, an old parquet floor (point of Hungary), large doors and large windows.

Classic Interiors furniture

Recycled spirit, vintage inspiration, baroque atmosphere or the Palace of Versailles, ... The classic living room is available in different styles. Generally sober, decorated in natural colors that match easily, the classic living room creates a soft and restful universe in which we like to spend long moments.


A classic Interiors 2022 is often seen as such above all in relation to its architecture made up of moldings on the ceiling and relief plinths, an old parquet floor (point of Hungary), large doors and large windows. Thus, it is part of a soothing and warm universe, composed of natural and timeless colors ranging from off-white to light gray, including beige and taupe. 


Sometimes, the whole is enhanced with bold tones such as black, navy blue, duck blue or even red. Sometimes, the classic Interiors 2022 does not seek to contrast, relying on a perfect harmony that highlights a color through shades. Gold and silver tips also do the trick to accentuate the chic spirit of the classic living room, discreetly and with subtlety.

 The presence of these dazzling colors often takes place on some decorative objects (candlesticks, frames, boxes) and on lighting to provide additional, warmer light for a cozy atmosphere.


The four colors to adopt for a cocooning and warm lassic Interiors 2022

This year, the trend is soft. If you are looking to make your home a cocoon of comfort and well-being, this palette of four must-have colors will serve as a guide to creating your own island of escape.


Each style has its own shade of gray

Dove, slate, silver, mouse, steel, lead,… gray is a must in decoration. Long considered a dull and sad color, it has nevertheless been brought up to date. And for good reason: depending on the shade chosen, gray can create unique and trendy atmospheres. But to use gray well, you have to know how to combine it.


What gray for what atmosphere?

Each gray has its own style. Thus, a pearl gray will bring a touch of softness and calm to your room. For a calm and cozy atmosphere, it is therefore to the lightest shades that you should turn.

If you prefer the intensity of dark grays, then you will get an ultra sophisticated style. Be careful, however, not to choose too dark shades in rooms that lack brightness.

The great thing about gray is that it has the particularity of being suitable for any room in the house. Rather light for bedrooms, rather dark for wet rooms, you can add touches of gray to your entire interior!


How to succeed in associating your grays?

For a calming atmosphere, opt for a pale gray that will go perfectly with pinks or powdery blues. You will be able to create a romantic atmosphere that will be particularly suitable for a bedroom.

Combined with bright shades such as duck blue or even mustard yellow, you will get a more modern style in your living rooms. By combining it with raw furniture (for example in wood or metal), you can even create a look reminiscent of the "industrial loft" spirit.

By combining gray with black, you will dress your room in a particularly elegant way. This combination is especially suitable for kitchens, for a decidedly chic effect.

Gray is therefore a base for creating different atmospheres. Don’t hesitate to go for gray, because with the right combination, you will create a unique look for all your rooms.


Shades close to nature.

The cocooning atmosphere of your home this season is defined by four shades, which are reminiscent of nature and the great outdoors: nudes, greens, grays and yellows. While Zen has always been associated with these calm and soothing colors, the use of more dynamic yellow is innovative and associated with gray, according to Pantone, they will be the essential color scheme this season.

Ultra trendy, nudes can be used on walls or furniture. Opt for example for the beige Pixel sofa by Saba Italia which invites you to relax and modulates to become a real cloud of softness. Perfectly in keeping with the cocooning color palette, it will go wonderfully with gray tones. The Urban Ethnicraft cushion, which offers a design of delicate lines in gray and off-white tones, will allow you to bring out the uniform beige hue of the sofa.


Warm and soft colors.

These shades of beiges and grays are to be awakened with the help of warmer and more dynamic tones, such as yellow. Different combinations are possible, depending on the desired effect. Straw yellow, defined as the trend of the season by Pantone, and which reminds us of wheat fields, will inspire warmth and cheerfulness in your interior. Particularly popular in the 90s, it gives a light vintage feel to your decor, and that's all we love. If you're not too nostalgic, a darker mustard yellow will do just as well to bring some sunshine into your home.


To bring a little greenery, opt for shades of green, such as sage green, mint green, bottle green or even khaki. Each shade has its own characteristics, each time they will give a different air to the room, while providing warmth and comfort. In general, however, sage will bring calm and serenity, while mint will awaken more neutral colors, such as nudes. The Wall rug, created by Pascale Risbourg for Toulemonde Bochart, is perfect for bringing a little softness and an aged look to your room, to give it all the character it deserves.

Nothing better than a carpet to make an interior cozy: we present our favorites!

To bring warmth to your home, there's nothing like a comfortable rug. Today there are all kinds to suit your design desires. So, if you want to create a cozy atmosphere at home, here are our tips to achieve it.


The interest of the carpet for a cozy atmosphere

The carpet is one of the decorative accessories that help you feel good at home. Pleasant to the touch, it also offers slight soundproofing and allows you to move around barefoot, even in winter.

It can be installed anywhere, in the entrance, in the living room, the bedroom or the dining room to warm up the atmosphere and delimit the spaces. If your goal is to create a cocooning atmosphere that is both soft and warm, it is therefore important to choose your carpet well.


For this, it is advisable to orient yourself towards natural materials such as wool, bamboo, hemp, jute, seagrass or even coconut fiber. As for the colors, it is also advisable to opt for soft shades such as white, beige, greige, taupe or alternatively for pastel tones such as yellow, blue, green or even pink. Finally, don't hesitate to choose enveloping and cozy textures to enhance your feeling of well-being at home.


Our favorite cozy rugs of classic Interiors 2022

Who says cozy, says warm atmosphere, soft colors and natural materials. This is why we invite you to discover our favorites from the ToulemondeBochart brand. Carpet designers who combine respect for traditions and innovation to offer you decorative accessories that meet your expectations.


So, let yourself be seduced by the Coco rug designed by designer Pascale Risbourg. Hand-woven, this rug made of wool, polyester and vegetable silk is ideal for bohemian-style decorations. Installed in your living room, it will seduce you with its soft texture and relaxing shade.


If you fancy a light touch of color, then the Stone Rug is for you. It comes in several soft and modern shades to warm up your room, for example. It is made of wool and bamboo fibers for a feeling of 100% natural comfort. Finally, the Collage Rug brings both the design touch you are looking for and the warmth of wool. Hand-tufted, it is ideal for warming the atmosphere of a resolutely designer room equipped with contemporary materials such as waxed concrete, steel or even glass.


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