Garden design trends 2022: What the coming year will bring us

The colors around your pool are also important, and here are some useful garden design trends 2022 you can choose among.

Garden design trends 2022: What the coming year will bring us

In a small garden, every square meter counts, which is why it must be designed with care. Each element is placed in its place, so that you can easily install a small swimming pool, a dining area and a vegetable garden. You will understand that the important thing is to adapt the layout to your space and to keep in mind that a small garden is not inevitable if you want to enjoy it. Accentuate the cozy side with some furniture and / or seats to take in the air and enjoy a space that will be comfortable and relaxing!


Landscaping your garden with a swimming pool: the principles of garden design trends 2022

The layout around a swimming pool must combine both practicality and aesthetics, but also fun and safety. Even a standard pool can be personalized with sophisticated amenities. Depending on the desired effect, the arrangements will be radically different. Wood, for example, with its natural effects, has been particularly highlighted and appreciated in recent years because it gives a friendly feel to the pool and the entire garden. On the contrary, concrete has a more “all-terrain” side than wood. However, it is widely used for design, contemporary and elegant garden universes. The main thing in the arrangement of your garden is that the swimming pool fits perfectly into the landscape


Here are some principles to best organize your garden with swimming pool

Surround your pool with plants to frame it in the garden. Be careful, they must be heat resistant, robust and above all easy to maintain for you, make sure to plant a certain distance from the pool so as not to shade it and especially not to pollute it,

think about the accessibility of the swimming pool: wood, concrete ... the possibilities for creating a path to the swimming pool and for surrounding it are numerous. The choice is yours according to the ambiance of your garden and the style of your swimming pool, do not forget the lights that will illuminate your pool but also your garden.


Plants, flowers, shrubs: here are some valuable tips

The colors around your pool are also important, and here are some useful garden design trends 2022 you can choose among. White flowers add elegance to a garden, pink is known to bring a warm touch to a garden and yellow flowers, on the other hand, particularly illuminate the area around the pool. They go particularly well with blue blooms.


After the flowers comes the question of trees and shrubs. Note that in general, it is recommended to plant shrubs rather than trees near a swimming pool for the same reason as for plants: do not shade the swimming pool and do not soil it with tree leaves. On the contrary, the shrubs and even the hedges, will shelter the swimming pool from the wind but also isolate you from the neighbors.


Finally, it is also possible to plant perennials around your swimming pool, but also and above all because we don't always think about it: rose bushes. In the form of shrub roses or ground covers, they will give a sumptuous setting to your swimming pool but also to your garden.


But if you are going for a garden design with a swimming pool, you are going to need to take a lot of important factors into account. Among them is the installation and size of the pool. If you have a large garden, make a pool more than 3m deep. Small pools and inflatable pools are not always suitable for small terraces because there is always a risk of flooding. These pools might be very reasonably priced, but they don't have built-in filters and you'll have to change the water manually on a regular basis.

 While creating a cocooning garden following the garden design trends 2022, you need to think carefully about where you are going to build or install the pool. It should be an open and sunny space, but at the same time sheltered from the wind. Avoid placing your pool where there are a lot of trees so that you don't have to clean it of fallen leaves every day. The swimming pool should preferably be located near the changing rooms and close enough to your house for more comfort.

How are you going to use your pool? The answer to this question will depend on the shape and size of the pool. If you are building your pool just to cool off or rather for decorative purposes, then you can very well opt for a pool with a rounded or irregular shape. But in case you want to be able to swim in your pool quite often, then the pool should be big enough, deep enough and with a rectangular shape. A pool that is less than 15m is not a good place to be able to swim well.

Another key factor is the cost of the pool. It is not only the cost of construction but also the cost of maintaining the pool. And speaking of maintenance, in case you will not be able to take care of the maintenance yourself, you have to hire a specialized company. What impact will the swimming pool have on the garden? Will it be visible from the house? Do you want it to play the role of a focal point in your garden or do you prefer it to be rather inconspicuous?


Which fountain for your garden?

All the fountains in the garden do not sing in the same way, do not have the same utility, do not take place in the same settings and do not use the same techniques. By their destination, there are two kinds of fountains.


The water point fountain

It is equipped with a tap connected to the drinking water network. It works with a push button, butterfly, shut-off valve or gooseneck valve. It can be placed along a wall, with a basin on the floor, or attached to the wall itself. There are so-called "column" fountains that are installed on the ground and do not have a basin. Others are said to be "on foot"; like the previous ones, they are placed on the ground, but, wider, they have a tray at the foot.


The decorative fountain

It operates in a closed circuit based on a reservoir filled with water unfit for consumption and a pump to circulate it. Equipped with a spout, it comes in different models. These fountains may or may not be installed in a basin, along a stone wall with or without vegetation. In all cases, they offer the softness of a runoff with soothing tones. You will have a huge choice of styles (contemporary, rustic, exotic ...), shapes or sizes, and charm comes first.


How to choose your fountain ?

Its look is suited to your surroundings as much as it suits your taste.

You want to use it for decoration or as a water point.

Its location determines both technical and aesthetic choices.

The choice of material is important. It conditions the maintenance, the design and the sound.

For contemporary models, we often find zinc, steel or aluminum.

Wood must be treated to resist water, pests and other insects.

Natural stone and reconstituted stone are still elegant, but still very heavy.

Cast iron, which is also very heavy, is terribly resistant.

The resin adapts to all styles and colors, while being lightweight.

Bamboo is light and suitable for Japanese fountains.


How to build a swimming pool in a small garden?

Even with a small garden, setting up a swimming pool is synonymous with fun and promises good times in prospect. With a small or long outdoor space, for example, the pool is installed with careful consideration to determine its location as best as possible. Having a small garden also encourages limiting the size of the pool itself by moving towards a square or round format. You also want to take advantage of the garden and the beach around the swimming pool to install sun loungers and perhaps create a lounge area to relax. Contemporary, bohemian or natural, browse the smart and perfect mini pools in a small garden.

Landscaping a garden with a swimming pool is certainly a good investment. It is a luxurious experience that will allow you to be able to swim and relax whenever you feel like it, without having to leave your garden. And when you add a beautiful modern decor with designer water resistant furniture, you’ll have the perfect garden for the summer.

The garden with swimming pool is the dream of many of us. But to maintain this dream, the swimming pool needs to be surrounded by a well-designed garden. Indeed, the swimming pool is a place of relaxation but it is also appreciated for its aesthetic side. It must therefore be surrounded by a green space at the height to make the dream come alive.


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