Want To Apply For A Post Study Work Visa In Australia But Don't Know How? Learn How A Registered Immigration Agent Can Help

Want To Apply For A Post Study Work Visa In Australia But Don't Know How? Learn How A Registered Immigration Agent Can Help

On the off chance that you've graduated from a four-year certification or higher, Study and Visa can assist you with acquiring a post-study work visa in Australia to extend your stay. Based in Australia itself, their migration specialists can give direction and help your application, or give you key guidance to identify the correct visa scheme for your requirements.

Highlights and overview:

This visa permits you to get impermanent lasting residency for two to four years, reliant on the degree you got at an Australian college. You should apply for it within 6 months of accepting the qualifications and you should either be on an Australian visa or have been on an Australian visa over the last 6 months. This visa is a fabulous alternative for international graduates of an Australian college to work in any field and in the long run, move up to a perpetual working visa later whenever wanted.


To get a Graduate Work Stream (subclass 485) visa, you should:

* Be under 50 years old

* Hold a qualified visa and meet the English proficiency criteria

* Have an ongoing degree in a CRICOS-enlisted course (all four-year certifications or more educated in an open Australian college will meet this standard)


90% of uses/applications for this visa are prepared inside five months of applying. You have to be physically present in Australia when you apply for this visa.


In the previous 6 months before you applied for this visa, you more likely than not met the Australian study requirements. You will meet this if you are granted at any rate one degree and:

* Your course was a CRICOS-enlisted course

* You effectively finished all course necessities

* Your examination/study was in English

* You've finished your course resulting from any two academic years (92 weeks) study

* You were present in Australia physically for at least 16 calendar months to finish the examination/study

* You held an Australian study visa that permitted you to study

To meet the 2 academic year segments of the Australian study prerequisite, you may join courses in certain conditions.

Your qualified span of stay will rely upon the degree you acquired:

* Any Bachelor's Degree: Two years

* Coursework Master's Degree: Two years

* Research Master's Degree: Three years

* Doctoral Research Degree: Four years


* You should pass the health and character necessities, in addition, to have sufficient medical insurance

* You should comply with every single Australian law during your residency.

* You should be under 50 years old.

* You and your folks more likely than not taking care of any depth owing to the Australian government, assuming any.

* You should have not had a visa already cancelled previously.

* You can't have a recently held 485 or 476 visa.

* Pass English prerequisites (typically a 6+ by and large and 5+ in all aspects of the IELTS test).

* You should currently hold a student visa or have recently held a student visa in the past 6 months and are as of now on a bridging visa.


Select the post-study work visa in Australia on the off chance that you've graduated from an Australian four-year certification or higher. You are additionally qualified for the temporary graduate (graduate workstream) visa, anyway, it has more conditions. This visa stream is worthwhile in light of the fact that it costs the equivalent, sets aside a similar effort to process, and doesn't expect you to work in a particular field. You'll likewise have access to a more extended stay.

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