Benefits Of Getting Split System Air Conditioner Service

For split system air conditioner service, you can be assured of consistent and even cooling and heating for the entire space.

Benefits Of Getting Split System Air Conditioner Service

Choosing the right air conditioner for home is not a walk in the park. There is a number of factors that come into play such as size, number of rooms, types of AC units, etc. But nowadays amongst the best options of AC units is a split air-conditioning system because of their easy installation as compared to conventional HVAC units. The spilled systems do not require complicated ductwork and use an electrical wire connection with tubing. As the name suggests, split systems come with two or more split AC units while the condenser is set up outdoor. 

The split system air conditioner service includes an outdoor unit with a compressor and condenser installed outdoor and an indoor unit that consists of the cooling coil contained in the capillary tubing, the long blower, air filter. Here are the benefits of installing a split system air conditioner –

Ease Of Installation With Low Labour Charge

As mentioned above, the split air conditioners are devoid of complicated ductwork, something the traditional ones require. In the split system air conditioner service, there is the connector that passes through an opening with a diameter of about three inches to connect the outdoor and indoor units, regardless of whether the outdoor unit is right on the other side of the wall or a hundred feet away.

What is better, when you can install the split AC on the flat section of ceiling and pass the control wing and copper tubing through the small opening. Hardly any modification is required for this system and that is why it is cost effective with low labour involved.

Low Energy Expenditure

For split system air conditioner service, you can be assured of consistent and even cooling and heating for the entire space. There is no leakage of air through open window and door, as in conventional AC system. The split AC utilizes thermostat efficiently for long time so that energy or heat loss is very low, especially in the suffocating rooms with low ventilation and airflow. Without the heat exchange through duct system, the split system saves up to 30% more energy than central systems and often earns energy efficiency of up to 30 SEER.   

Offers Temperature Control

Apart from the primary job of cooling, the split system air conditioner service offers climate control feature. In majority of Australian households where you need air conditioning throughout the year in an affordable way, the split AC systems come with various heating capabilities. This makes sure you are not bothered with any discomfort due to season change. You can operate this feature from anywhere in the room with the help of the remote.

Soundless Operation

If you have used a central air conditioner or traditional system attached on the window before, you will find that the split system air conditioner service ensures way quieter operation. This is because its exterior condenser is set up separately in the air blowing unit several feet away. The fan is also located to the exterior, thereby reducing the loud noise and distraction. This is the feature that makes split AC so popular for installation in houses, workplaces, library, classrooms, boardrooms etc.       

A Stylish Addition To Decor

With flexible functionality, the split air conditioners add an attractive, sleek and stylish look with decorated, often colour coordinated pattern. Located on the ceiling or high up the wall, the split system air conditioner service can blend perfectly with the decor of the room. Unlike the bulky window systems, the split systems would not block the window and look presentable in appearance.

The split systems feature washable and easily removable filters that you can clean without expert help. The outdoor condensers are also easily accessible during repair or periodic maintenance. Maintenance of these systems is not costly and routine cleaning will suffice. Besides superior air purification, these systems with thermostats in different zones will help in controlling temperature for respective areas.          

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