Tips for cleaning your home when moving out

Cleaning your home when moving out will be the last thing you will want to do, but you got to do it

Tips for cleaning your home when moving out

Moving is a dreadful process. There is so much that needs to be done and organized in order to make a relocation happen. You need to pack, hire professional movers, say goodbye to friends and family and many other very important things. Yet, many of us forget that we need to clean our homes before we move out. Somehow this errand slips our mind during planning. Cleaning your home when moving out will be the last thing you will want to do, but you got to do it. So, you might as well make the best of it. Here are some tips and advice that will give you guidance and save you time when cleaning your home.

Cleaning your Home is Not Avoidable

Certainly, you will not feel like cleaning once you have moved out. However, there are many reasons why you shouldn’t skip this task.

Getting Back your Security Deposit

The criteria for getting your security deposit back is usually pretty strict and noted in the contract. The most common criteria is leaving the property in an impeccable state. Therefore, if you want your deposit back, get the bucket and the broom ready. If you’ve stained the couch, you must learn how to clean a couch. Don’t chance it and lose your deposit. During your move, you can use that extra cash.

Think About The Next Homeowners or Tenants

Once you reach your new residence, you would like to see a clean and comfortable space. Naturally, we all would. Thus, extend the courtesy to the next tenants. You don’t want to be contacted with complaints. Especially if you are moving out of the country. What you want is a clean slate and a fresh start. Thus, be considerate and leave your old home in the condition you would like to find your new home.

Use These Tips While Cleaning your Home

Now that we have determined why it is important to clean your home when moving out, here are some useful tips that will make your life easier during this cleaning excursion. In addition, they will help you save energy and improve your planning.

Don’t Start Too Early

Be careful and do not start cleaning your home too early. There a few items that you can clean beforehand, but the majority of things need to be done after you move your things out of your soon to be ex-home. Not to mention, your movers might dirty up the place and you will have to do double the work. In case you still haven’t found professional movers that are a good fit for you, visit

Spare Yourself The Trouble and Hire Professional Cleaners

Cleaning your home when moving out is expected to be more thorough and deep than your regular weekly cleaning. Also, professionals can reach places that you cannot. For example, cleaning extremely high ceilings. The advantage of hiring professionals to clean your home doesn’t end there. Unlike you, they have special tools and supplies. For instance, they can perform professional carpet cleaning. No matter how hard you would try, it is very likely that you couldn’t accomplish the same results. Needed cleaning supplies In case you are on a budget, you will not be able to hire professional cleaning assistance.

On the other hand, maybe you prefer to do the thing on your own. Then you need to purchase all needed supplies. You will need the following items: vacuum, broom, mop, bucket, glass cleaner, brushes, sponges, white vinegar and many more. Also, do not forget to buy a quality appliance cleaner. It is important to maintain your appliances. Otherwise, it is very likely that you will be criticized by your mother in law. This advice stems from personal experience.

There Shouldn’t be Neglected Areas

Do not forget that every single room counts. You might not have taken advantage of your basement and attic. Yet, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take care of these two spaces. So, don’t skip any rooms. Make sure they are all taken care of.

Take your Time

The process of cleaning your home is a marathon, not a sprint. So, take your sweet time. Or to be more specific, take as much time as you have before your landlord or new tenants give you the boot. If you rush it, you will most likely get burned out or you will do a sloppy job. Take care of one room at a time. This way, you will have a sense of accomplishing small goals and this will keep you motivated to continue.

Don’t Forget The Windows

Cleaning windows is important for the overall image of the property. Cleaning windows from the inside is something that ought to be done. Still, do not forget to clean the exterior parts of the windows. When somebody arrives at the property, the outside of the house will be the first thing they see. Hence, first opinions and impressions will be based on the exterior of your home. Don’t kid yourself in thinking that this is not important. What is on the outside matters. Do not neglect it.

Don’t Leave Out The Fun

All things considered, by now it is clear that this step in the moving process is unavoidable. Well, in that case, you should make the best out of a not so desirable situation. Put on your favorite gams. Invite friends and family to help you and keep you company. Of course, what is a hangout session without a fresh pot of coffee? In the end, you will realize that cleaning your home when moving out doesn’t have to be a painful process.

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