The Most Affordable Ways to Ship Heavy Items Internationally

Shipping bulky items can cause grave problems. Learn the most affordable ways to ship heavy items internationally and choose the best for you.

The Most Affordable Ways to Ship Heavy Items Internationally
The Most Affordable Ways to Ship Heavy Items Internationally
The Most Affordable Ways to Ship Heavy Items Internationally

Moving to another country is challenging – mentally, physically, and financially. The moving budget depends on the size of your household and the specific items and services the move includes. Furthermore, if you're running a business, you might be interested in shipping your products worldwide without paying expensive fees. Even if you don't have many items, some might be cumbersome, which results in high shipping rates. For that reason, people explore all the different ways to transport their belongings safely and save some money. Even though worldwide deliveries seem way too expensive, this guide will introduce you to the most affordable ways to ship heavy items internationally. This way, you can pick the most suitable solution for your budget without worrying about your items' safety.

Things to consider before picking the best shipping solution

One of the most critical aspects of preparing for every long-distance relocation and shipping is knowing the services you need. This means you should know which items you need to ship and their characteristics. These include:

  • Shipping time – the delivery time, that is, the time you need your items to be shipped heavily affects service prices. You must be clear about it when contacting shipping companies and state if you need your items delivered overnight or in a couple of days.
  • Weight of the items – one of the key factors is the weight of the items. However, recently there’s something called dimensional weight. It's the theoretical weight of the oversized items that are not that heavy. Either way, it’s best to research all the shipping solutions and compare the offers to choose the best one.
  • Extra care – if special attention is necessary for fragile or sensitive items to temperature changes, be sure to pick a carrier that has experience with such deliveries. If you're unsure how to do it on your own, contact professionals to help you out with the whole process.
  • Shipping zone – depending on the distance between the old and new address, your delivery will be charged according to shipping zones. If an item travels a longer distance, it will cost more to deliver it.

Is USPS the most affordable way to ship heavy items internationally?

USPS or the United States Postal Service is claimed to be the most affordable shipping solution for international deliveries. However, this is not that simple. The price depends on several different factors, and the key ones are the weight of the items and the distance of delivery. When shipping heavy items overseas, USPS seems to be not that cheap.  Adding your delivery time frame, you reach some very high price points. To conclude, there are some very affordable solutions with the USPS; however, these often result in lengthy and uncertain deliveries. To get a better service, you surely need to pay more.


Another popular shipping solution is United Parcel Service or UPS. Even though it’s not the most popular solution for domestic deliveries, it has a strong worldwide network of services. Their most affordable solution for international shipping is UPS Worldwide Saver, which functions in three main zones. If that works for you, you should consider UPS as the primary shipping option for your bulky items.


Even though it is probably the most expensive solution on the list, we need to mention FedEx because of its quality. Safety and an impeccable tracking system are the reasons why customers choose this shipping company. Furthermore, when it comes to shipping heavy items, FedEx has a limit of 150 pounds for their ground rate, which is 80 pounds more than USPS. For palettes or other heavier packages, FedEx has Freight Priority or Economy services, which are also essential to consider.

Remember: When trying to ship heavy items affordably, protect them from damage, and avoid additional costs. Apart from looking for low shipping rates and finding reliable movers, focus on the packaging, insurance, and other ways to keep the items safe during transport.


If you’re looking for a way to ship goods from the manufacturer to the customer, a freight forwarder might just be the solution for you. Hiring a reliable service provider will ensure lower costs and valuable help with the logistics of transportation. With the full range of services, you'll be able to track the process of shipment and not worry about preparation methods, customs paperwork, warehousing, etc. Furthermore, the transportation method will be adjusted according to your needs, as these teams use air freight, ocean freight, rail transportation, and road transport. A variety of options gives you a chance to get the most suitable transportation method and pay the lowest rates possible. The simplicity of the whole process is more valuable than any rate, so be sure to consider this type of shipping, too.


When comparing these shipping solutions, USPS seems to be the most affordable one. However, don’t forget that any additional services will cost more. That’s why you need to be realistic about your shipping needs. This way, you’ll be able to choose the most suitable and most affordable ways to ship heavy items internationally.

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