Less Vacuuming? Find The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner For House Cleaning

You can save money without cutting any of your cleaning power. Here are ways to budget friendly cleaning and save money.

Less Vacuuming? Find The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner For House Cleaning

Are you ready for a new vacuum cleaner and are you considering purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner? There are different types and we will tell you more about this here. Can you use the robot vacuum cleaner as a replacement for your regular vacuum cleaner? We are happy to explain and will help you in your search for the best robot vacuum cleaner. For more information about the robot vacuum cleaner, you can now click here and see what the benefits are! This allows you to quickly find the best robot piston that fits your situation!


How does the best robot vacuum cleaner work?


You can see the robot vacuum cleaners in budget as a device that can move independently across the floor. You can assign commands to the robot vacuum cleaner via the control panel. When carrying out these tasks, it continuously sucks up dirt, which ends up in the dust container of the robot piston. Most robot vacuum cleaners have a suction opening, they are also provided with a brush on the bottom. The brush is there to bring in the dirt (when the suction power alone is not sufficient). Sometimes side brushes are also present and can assist in collecting the dirt in corners and along the walls. Manufacturers are constantly testing their robotic budget friendly cleaning to improve suction performance.


Movements robot vacuum cleaner


The robot best cheap vacuum cleaner for house cleaning makes different movements when it is working. Most pistons have various modes in which they can move such as auto / normal, spot cleaning, zigzag or random, cell by cell, turbo or along edges. You can then often choose the desired position yourself and sometimes you can even program it. This allows the robot vacuum cleaner to do the same thing every time you turn it on again.


Separate spaces


Various spaces can be separated with a robot vacuum cleaner. Maybe not everything needs to be cleaned. With virtual walls (a box that will send a signal) or with a magnetic strip, separation of spaces is provided. By using virtual walls, the robot vacuum cleaner knows how far it can vacuum. When approaching a virtual wall, the robot automatically turns over. This way, your robot vacuum cleaner will never fall down the stairs if you have it cleaned upstairs.


Empty floors


When you put a robot vacuum cleaner to work, make sure the floor is as empty as possible. The moment a lot of things are on the floor, it is more difficult to vacuum the robot vacuum cleaner. Also, pay attention that the robot vacuum cleaner should not get wet. So make sure that you remove liquids from the floors beforehand.


The battery of the robot vacuum cleaner


The robot vacuum cleaners today work on a battery. You can charge most batteries with a charging station. The robot not only returns when it has finished its work but also when its battery is almost empty. Even after charging, the most advanced robot vacuum cleaners will continue where they left off. How long the battery can last depends on the model you choose and also on the surface. The charging time varies per battery and can vary from 1.5 to almost 4 hours.


What are the benefits of the robot vacuum cleaner?


When considering purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner, it is good to know what the benefits are. We will now explain this further.


A good addition


If you have to vacuum a lot for pets, for example, the robot vacuum cleaner can be a good addition. Pets generally leave a lot of hair behind. For the best robot vacuum cleaner, vacuuming animal hairs is no problem. Because the robot vacuum cleaner is constantly busy with the hair and vacuuming up the dirt, you keep the house much cleaner. As a result, you need to use the vacuum cleaner less often.


Less dirt in the house


With the best robot vacuum cleaner, you have less dirt at home. It is also no longer walked upstairs. The dirt does not spread in the rest of your home. The robot vacuum cleaner does its work all day long, so your floors stay dirty for less because the dirt is sucked in almost immediately.


Under the furniture


The advantage of the best robot vacuum cleaner is that it can often also remove dirt under low furniture, much easier than a regular vacuum cleaner. This robot vacuum cleaner can also often come under the bed and under the couch, you cannot reach that yourself very well. If you want to clean everything well, you often have to get everything done. Thanks to the robot vacuum cleaner that is no longer necessary, because it takes over the task of cleaning the floor directly from you.


Vacuum while you sleep


The best robot vacuum cleaner can be programmed in such a way that it does the dirty work while you sleep well. Via the control panel you can indicate the precise time and spaces that you want to have vacuumed. Let the vacuum cleaner do its work while you sleep or while you are working. This way you always come home to a dust-free house.




To make the choice for the best robot vacuum cleaner easier for you, I have listed my personal favorite for you. Hereby I have weighed the pros and cons of every robot vacuum cleaner.


Dirt Devil Fusion M611 Review


The robot vacuum cleaner Dirt Devil Fusion M611 is a much-chosen model. The advantages and disadvantages are now described in more detail.

  • When the robot vacuum cleaner battery runs out, it itself goes back to the charging station so that it can recharge.

  • This piston is suitable for animal hair, there are various rotating brushes for this.

  • When the battery is charged, the robot will continue where it left off.

  • The robot vacuum cleaner has a height of 5.5 cm and can therefore also be cleaned properly under the seats and under the sofa.


Neato XV Signature Review


The robot vacuum cleaner Neato XV Signature has many advantages and also cleans your home in all corners. The robot has a special D shape and therefore drives close to the walls to thoroughly clean everything. The advantages of this robot vacuum cleaner:

  • Thanks to the square shape, this robot vacuum cleaner can clean tightly around the corners and baseboards.

  • Rotating brushes are available, making the robot vacuum cleaner suitable for animal hair.

  • When the battery is empty, the robot vacuum cleaner starts charging itself in the charging station.

  • The robot vacuum cleaner continues when the battery is full again.


LG VR64702LVMT Review


The LG VR64702LVMT is a robot vacuum cleaner that, thanks to its pleasant shape and long brushes, has no trouble with dust in the corners and along the boards.

  • The robot vacuum cleaner can clean well in the corners and also takes the skirting boards. This also has to do with the turbo mode that is present and therefore the robot vacuum cleaner can dress very well and clean carpets.

  • It is a robot vacuum cleaner with 60 dB and is therefore very quiet. Even when you sleep or watch TV, the device can do its job and clean.


Irobot Roomba 650 Review


The robot vacuum cleaner Irobot Roomba 650 is a powerful device that can be cleaned very well. From now on you always come home to a clean house, don't you want to experience that too?

  • This robot vacuum cleaner has extra long brushes and can therefore, clean well in all corners.

  • The rotating brushes make the device suitable for vacuuming pet hair. A powerful vacuum motor is also available, making this possible.

  • The moment the battery of the robot vacuum cleaner is almost empty, it itself goes to the charging point and recharges itself.


Dirt Devil Spider M607 Review


The Dirt Devil Spider M607 is a robot vacuum cleaner with a number of plus and minus points.

  • It is a very quiet vacuum cleaner with 68 dB, even when you sleep or want to watch TV, this robot vacuum cleaner can do its job.

  • The robot vacuum cleaner is 7 cm high and can therefore also be cleaned under the seats and benches.




The preferred robot vacuum cleaner is the Dirt Devil Fusion M611. Our opinion is shared by the many users of this great robot vacuum cleaner. The Dirt Devil Fusion M611 namely returns to the charging station when it is empty and resumes its work when it is charged! Particularly suitable for vacuuming animal hairs. From now on your house will always be clean thanks to this great robot vacuum cleaner!

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