How To Re-Gas Air Conditioning At Home?

How To Re-Gas Air Conditioning At Home?

Once you fall in love with the cool air from the centralized air conditioner during those hot summer days, you cannot go back to anything else. And why would you? but, one may experience a sudden increase in the utility bill. As a result, you may opt for reducing the usage of the air condition system. However, that is not the case. You must find the dispute with the air condition system, for which the utility bill is so high.

One of the major reasons behind the huge utility bill is inadequate refrigerant. Therefore, you must know How To Re-Gas Air Conditioning At Home. Otherwise, you may end up damaging the air conditioner with a huge utility bill. But, do you know the process of doing the same? If not, stay with SISA Air Conditioning, as we have the elaborate method of re-gassing the air conditioner at home.

Method Of Re-Gassing The Air Conditioner At Home

  • Check The Ownership Of The Air Conditioning System

Even though there are no strict rules to re-gas your air conditioner. But, it is better not to re-gas other air conditioners with payment, if you are unauthorized. It may raise issues for you.

  • Inspect The Air Conditioning System Thoroughly

Before you proceed to the process of How To Re-Gas Air Conditioning At Home, you must check the system thoroughly. Therefore, start with replacing the air filter, followed by cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils. If these attachments are dirty, they can reduce the cooling effect. Therefore, if you re-gas the refrigerator without cleaning them, you may end up damaging your air conditioner.

  • Clean The Air Handler And Condenser Fan

Your air conditioning system’s fan and air handler should work efficiently to keep the refrigerator gas in limited use. Therefore, check the fan and air handler thoroughly and if there is any debris, clean it right away.

  • Choose The Refrigerator Gas

Not all air conditioners require some special types of refrigerator gas. Therefore, before buying any random gas, it is necessary to check for the required refrigerator gas. You will get to know about the gas type from the operating manual of your air conditioner. Some models come with the label indicating the gas type on the unit’s cabinet.

  • Determine The Charging Connections

Each air conditioner comes with a slightly different charging connection for re-gas. Therefore, in the How To Re-Gas Air Conditioning At Home manual, finding an accurate charging point is necessary. Most of the air conditioners have quick-connect adaptors that connect to the normal inverted flare Schrader valve. It helps to lessen the amount of refrigerator gas lost during the change.

Moreover, the liquid refrigerant is injurious to human skin. The fitting charging connection is necessary to avoid any accidents. As the refrigerant is under high pressure, it is dangerous to handle without the right equipment.

  • Turn Off The Thermostat Of The Air Conditioner

There are switches for Turning on and off the air conditioner. But, you have to turn the system off using the thermostat for re-gassing the refrigerant. For sure, you will learn the complete knowledge on How To Re-Gas Air Conditioning At Home. 

  • Turn Off The Main Power Of Air Conditioner

After that, turn off the main switch of the air conditioner and disconnect the circuit breaker located near the unit. Now turn off the breaker by removing the fuses. Each air conditioner comes with an instruction manual for hooking up the gauges. Follow that to adjust the pressure between the gauge and the system. Normally the low-pressure side remains towards the gauge and the high pressure towards the system end. Now turn on the air conditioner at this setup and let the air conditioning system stabilize for about 15 minutes.

  • Verify The Gas In The Refrigerator

After the required time, check it using a temperature gauge with a probe attached to the low-pressure end. Another way to determine the effectiveness of the re-gassing is to use the site glass. Clean the viewport and observe it while the system is running. If there are bubbles mixed with the liquid refrigerant, it means the refrigerant is not fully re-gassed. So, make sure to check the sight glass. Otherwise, an improperly re-gassed refrigerator will trap moisture in the hermetically sealed refrigeration system.

  • Check For Leakage

One of the main points for How To Re-Gas Air Conditioning At Home is leak checking. Even after recharging, gas can leak from the refrigerator chamber. So, check the welded or brazed joints, pressure ports, and threaded tubing connectors. You can check if there is any vibration from the refrigerant lines or any other components.

  • Turn On The Air Conditioner For Cooling

Once you re-gas the refrigerator; let the system run for a complete cycle. And check the temperature of the room. In case you don't get the desired temperature in the room set at your desired temperature, you need to seek help from a professional expert. As refrigerant gas is anything but cheap with injurious effects, it is better to consult with your air conditioner maintenance and Air Conditioning Repairs service providers before proceeding. 


Most of the time, you can do the work if you know How To Re-Gas Air Conditioning At Home. There are a few steps to follow before getting started with your repair work so that you don’t make things worse by making simple mistakes. To learn more about how to re-gas and maintain your AC unit properly, we recommend contacting our team of professionals for assistance today! Our ac technicians will help ensure that everything is running smoothly and efficiently in no time. We offer affordable rates on all types of repairs and maintenance services related to heating and cooling systems like yours.

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