Hotels Vs. Motels: Where Should You Stay And Why?

Hotels Vs. Motels: Where Should You Stay And Why?

While travelling, there are quite a few questions in mind, with one particular question that remains persistent throughout - “Where will I stay? Should I be looking for motels in the Dandenong area? Or should I be looking for hotels in Dandenong, Melbourne? What even is this difference?”

With so many questions in mind about the most crucial part of your travel plan, it’s only natural to get confused. To get a better understanding between a hotel or a motel, one should first know the difference between them, from their ambience to the kind of services they provide. There are an abundance of hotels and motels near Dandenong, and this article will help you decide which one suits the best for you.


A motel is essentially short for a Motor Hotel. Unlike a hotel, the motel tends to be a nightly stop for most tourists and individuals during road travels. Motels normally don’t offer any amenities and allow you to have access to the necessities - a room and a bathroom, with a laundry service (sometimes) with added charges.

Besides the facilities, the architectural structure of a motel is different, too. A motel normally does not have lobbies and hallways. A motel is relatively small and tends to be present over the highway or near locations that gain the highest amount of tourist attraction.

Motels don’t necessarily hold a lot of personnel, neither do they have a lot of services to offer. Due to these reasons, a stay in a motel is recommended for passengers that are looking for:

  • A cheaper and easier option. If you’re travelling to a different city or country with the intent of exploring the location and being out all day, a motel is a more viable option for you. Since you will be outside the entire day, you will mainly only need room to crash in for the night - a motel can help you save money this way.
  • While you’re on a road trip, motels simply make more sense. It hardly makes sense to waste money on a night’s stay.


Hotels are the go-to option for quite a few travellers. With all facilities available, a hotel makes your stay more enjoyable and homely as you’re able to feel welcomed due to the luxuries available. Moreover, a hotel can be a good option if you feel the need to stay in an open space.

With hundreds of rooms, spas, gyms, swimming pools and a lot more, hotels give you access to a lot of options, allowing you to enjoy a new location from a comfortable space as well.

But when should you be booking a hotel over a motel? We’ve listed a few reasons why you might want to book a hotel down below:

  • If you’re looking for a comfortable stay for a long stay, a hotel is recommended for you.
  • If you have a tiresome schedule, a hotel can be a relaxing option to come back to at the end of the night. Moreover, you can get a massage done in a hotel’s spa, unlike a motel.
  • If you’re travelling to a completely new location, a hotel can be a trustable location to stay in. Due to the presence of more personnel, you can get reliable advice.

If you’re looking for hotels in Dandenong, Victoria, for a trip you’re planning, Sandown Regency can be one of the best places for you. With sanitized grounds amid the pandemic and a reliable group of personnel waiting to help you during your travel, they can help you gain the experience of a lifetime.

Don’t allow your travel plan to end in disappointment, book a reliable hotel for your stay, today.

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