Concrete Driveway Inspirations For Modern Homes

Concrete driveway helps you drive in and out of your property seamlessly and enhance the curb appeal. Know more about how concrete driveways beautify your home.

Concrete Driveway Inspirations For Modern Homes

Concrete is robust and can endure any weather conditions, so it is a widely used material for all types of construction purposes. If your property has a driveway, installing a concrete driveway is an excellent idea. Concrete driveways help you drive in and out of your property seamlessly and enhance the curb appeal. Take some inspiration from the concrete driveway ideas listed in this blog to beautify the driveway of your home.

Coloured or Plain Concrete Driveway

No-fuss and flexibility make concrete among the preferred choices. Your concrete’s pigment would not fade regardless of the UV light, surface abrasion and Aussie weather. It is the best material for areas often exposed to environmental components, such as the pool decks. Choose colours that will match your home’s roof, siding and trim. Go for earthy tones as they can blend the visual appeal of your home. Selecting light colours for your driveway will help avert the blazing summer heat. If you don’t like dim grey pathways often associated with concrete driveways, then coloured concrete driveways would be an ideal choice for you. The coloured-concrete material is known to last long and add a splash of colour to your daily life.


Stencil Concrete Driveway

Stencils can efficiently create textured non-slip surfaces with a distinctive grout finish. They are an ornamental concrete installation that boosts the value of your home at no additional cost. When the wet concrete gradually hardens is the stage of suppleness when you can choose from an array of stencil patterns to beautify your driveway. You do not have to spend way too much when it is possible to replicate brickwork or natural stone for low cost and get superior strength and adaptable appearance.


Slate Concrete Driveway

Go for a slate-concrete finish to indulge in a plush finish if you can afford to spend more. Imitating the traditional two-toned or textured like an original stone, this material makes the concrete look more natural. Slate concrete driveways are made using stamped blended concrete with a textured mat to duplicate slate patterns. Hence, they are also known as Stamped Concrete. After stamping the soft concrete, it is moulded into a setting stage known as the Plastic State. This driveway has anti-slip characteristics and is very durable, ideal for driveways. This driveway material is best suited for homes having children or constant traffic.


Exposed Mass (Aggregate)

Exposed aggregate is created using a blend of aggregates, including shale, stone and pebbles, which are then added to the concrete. Exposed aggregate is a highly sought after driveway material available and are very durable and look fabulous. Available in an array of colours and textures, this alternative can easily harmonise the aesthetics of your home.

Talk with your local expert concrete contractor concerning the available textures, grades and finishes and what option will flawlessly fit your landscape. Diverse methods are used to obtain a finish for exposed mass, and the most widely accepted is the abrasive blasting method. Next, the material is etched and sharpened per the preferred designs or styles. Then the concrete is sanded to create a beautiful surface as the embedded materials peek through.

Once your concrete contractor completes the sealing, you’ll get a natural-looking and distinctive narrow cement layer that is a perfect choice to harmonise a rendered or brick home. Thus, you, the homeowner, will be able to enjoy a beautiful driveway that would endure for many years.

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