Carbon Thumbprint Visual Calculator Is Here!

This app has been released to inform us exactly how much our phone usage contributes to Australia’s CO2 emissions.

Carbon Thumbprint Visual Calculator Is Here!

Ever thought of carbon emission your phone contributes to every day in the environment?

You might find this very different, as there have been no such updates related to carbon emission tracking. But this is a reality, which is going to be addressed by an app solution now. Let’s read this post and explore more about it.

Carbon Thumbprint Calculator- a quick synopsis

Yes, this is the app, which has just been released to inform us exactly how much our phone usage contributes to Australia’s CO2 emissions. 

How does this work?

The Carbon Thumbprint visual calculator converts the time spent using our mobile data network into grams of carbon dioxide. This can turn into a reality with the utilization of Augmented Reality to reflect how much amount of CO2 is getting released in the atmosphere.

Further, the app also has a video streaming feature, and every other activity that leads to data consumption, and triggers carbon emission.

Who is behind this app concept?

This app is the brainchild of Belong, Australia’s first carbon-neutral telco. 

How will it help the users?

The Carbon Thumbprint visual calculator is a great way to track the carbon emission and update us on how far the atmosphere is getting polluted due to our daily routine work. And as a result, will help us to make an informed decision while decreasing the carbon thumbprint.

Final thoughts

Taking care of our environment is not a choice but a responsibility we all need to abide by. If the over-utilization of smartphones can lead to some climate destruction, then app technology can put a halt to it, by letting us know the carbon thumbprint. This app indeed is a blessing for us and can help us maintain the harmful effects.

Keep watching this space for more information to roll-in your Smartphone.

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