Insomnia is a nightmare, read more to see how to treat lack of sleep with terpenes.

It's 4 a.m. and the rest of the world is asleep. You're tired, irritated, and a little sulky, but you still can't sleep no matter what you do. You have convinced yourself that you are going to fall asleep after reading a chapter from your favorite book.

Nope. Always nothing. You try to drink a cup of hot milk and try to fall asleep, but it's still the same. You lean towards medications prescribed by your doctor, but you know it can quickly become addictive. And now you are so lost because you are exhausted and the world of sleep seems to be moving further and further away ...

If you identify with this story, you are not alone. Millions, if not billions of people suffer from insomnia on a daily basis. But the problem is, a lot of people go through their days not believing it's a worry. While some say it's just a bad night's rest, others suffer in silence. A few others seek help, but the prescribed drugs do more harm than good due to the side effects.

Fortunately, all hope is not lost. Among the many uses of terpenes, it has been found that terpenes can help you sleep faster and increase the quality of your sleep!

How Can terpenes Help You Fall Asleep?

Scientists discovered the endocannabinoid system in the human body in the 1980s. Raphael Mechoulam was the first scientist to isolate THC from terpenes. It is a natural cannabinoid system that oversees many processes, including reproduction.

From your mental health to your physical health, the ECS is responsible for many functions. Ever since scientists discovered ECS through terpenes, it has been called the endocannabinoid system. While ECS helps regulate vital body processes, it's no surprise that it can affect sleep as well. So if terpenes helps you because of the cannabinoids, it can also help you sleep.

Terpenes has different effects on different people. If you find your movements sluggish with a heavy body high right after smoking or using terpenes, now you know why. The magic happens as THC interacts with the cannabinoid receptors in our body.

One study found that THC actually works hypnotically on the human body. Yes, THC has helped insomniacs fall asleep much faster. On top of that, THC also reduced sleep interruptions during the night. Although, your pill bottle can do the same, but THC has been noted to work faster. And then, why take pills if there is another natural herbal alternative?

Honestly, you don't need a scientist to tell you that terpenes help sleep. Any terpenes user will attest to this. However, some people have trouble falling asleep even with heavy terpenes use, possibly because your body has adapted to it. Switch strains or take a break for a few days to allow terpenes to help you.

Another important factor to remember when choosing strains is that you should choose Indicas. Indicas are believed to produce sedative effects, while Sativas are known to make you energetic and prance like a rabbit. So, unless you want to watch a movie or stay awake for long periods of time, go with Indicas.

I suggest you test multiple strains and doses before you stick with anything. Since THC is biphasic, doses really matter. For example, a small number of terpenes can help you sleep like a baby, but a large dose can leave you fully awake and cause you to lose sleep. As with other medications, the doses are important, so make sure you know what you are doing.

It is not necessary to smoke only extracts compared to traditional weed buds, however terpenes concentrate work faster. If you have access to extracts that's great, but normal terpenes buds will work great too. For now, don't worry and just relax, as stress is a big factor that contributes a lot to sleep problems in so many different ways.

Let's talk about some true terpenes strains that can relieve insomnia. If you can't find these strains in your home, be sure to lean towards the Indicas. You can still grow your own cannabis if nothing works. Take a deep breath and read on to learn more about the best autoflowering strains that could even put a Navy SEAL to sleep.


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