Best Places To Raise a Family in New Hampshire

Are you struggling to find a new home for your loved ones? Let’s explore the best places to raise a family in New Hampshire.

Best Places To Raise a Family in New Hampshire
Best Places To Raise a Family in New Hampshire
Best Places To Raise a Family in New Hampshire

It is never easy to pick the best place to raise your family. There are several factors that affect this decision – your job, best schools, climate, safety, and more. After considering all of them and combining them with your family's needs, likes, and dislikes, there are probably not that many places left to choose from. Luckily, New Hampshire has plenty of great locations that can be a perfect home for your loved ones. Well, if you're looking for a place to start a new chapter with your loved ones, this is a guide for you. Here are the best places to raise a family in New Hampshire – check them out and start making moving plans.


New Hampshire – state perfect for families

There are several reasons why people with kids or those who plan to start a family decide to relocate to New Hampshire. This is undoubtedly a family-friendly place – a unique natural environment, stable job market, and many high-quality education options.

Families can spend a lot of time outdoors enjoying breathtaking views of mountains, lakes, and other natural spots. The state is like a vast playground where raising your family is bound to be fun and safe at the same time. The slower pace of life is one of the high points of living in NH. Rural neighborhoods offer peaceful lifestyles and safety to their residents, which is why they are the most popular choice among families.

 If you’re interested in making NH your home – here are the best places to do it.

Where to settle in New Hampshire – best places to raise a family in the White Mountain State

As we mentioned, this New England state is known for its family-friendly features. However, some locations are better than others. Let’s narrow the list and see the places that win the game.


This lovely city attracts not only tourists but also permanent residents. It’s one of the most affordable places to live in the state. However, this doesn’t decrease the quality of life. Located in Sullivan County, this town offers a lot despite its size. Its close community cares about its members; there are many things to do and numerous events to enjoy throughout the year.


Another great place to raise your family is Hollis. It’s a place of incomes higher than the national average, where most people own their homes. Low crime rates, moderate climate, and slower pace of life attract families to this lovely town. For planning the move here, you need to start early and make sure you have a friendly team at your disposal. Local moving teams know a lot about the area and are the safest option for relocating your family. Hollis will surely welcome you in the best way possible so you can enjoy this new chapter in life to the fullest.


On the list of the best places to raise a family in New Hampshire, Bedford is one you shouldn't miss. This picturesque town is the place to go if you're looking for a safe, suburban location where your young ones can have the happiest childhood. Bedford can offer you that and so much more. Another feature that families enjoy is the simplicity of the commute. There's a regional airport nearby, and you can also easily drive to Boston and other exciting cities in the area. This makes the place a perfect balance between a suburban feel and the ability to work in a bigger city.


This is undoubtedly one of the state's largest cities and one of the best to choose as your next home. With a population of over 30,000, the place offers both a peaceful, suburban lifestyle, vibrant nightlife, and plenty of things to do. High-quality schools and the simplicity of commuting are also what residents love about Dover. Parents can explore various job opportunities and grow their careers, while kids can have a simple and happy childhood and improve their education.



Parents looking for a new job should definitely consider Milford as their next home. It is located in a retail and manufacturing area of Hillsborough County, which offers many job opportunities. There are many housing options, too, and residents can enjoy a pretty affordable lifestyle. With lots of things to do, many parks and restaurants, families can always have fun and spend more quality time together.


Moving to New Hampshire with your family – what’s to know

Family relocations can get complicated, especially if you have younger kids. However, parents often underestimate the power of proper planning – which is not something you should do this time. When moving with your kids, start the preparations as early as possible. We recommend cleaning and packing your house in sections but leaving your kids’ items for last. This will ensure they’ve got their toys, clothes, and other items at their disposal until the last couple of days before the moving day.

Don’t forget to include everyone in the moving process. Experienced experts Michael Brooks Moving NH suggest that kids can also help pack or sort out their items. They will feel like an essential part of this move, allowing them to accept the fact that you are moving much faster.

If there are some hard feelings about the move – try to be patient and understanding. Kids can often feel sad about leaving their old friends and school, so parents should be the ones to offer support. Try to be optimistic about moving to the new home, and explain why you’ve picked one of the best places to raise a family in New Hampshire. An optimistic attitude will also help kids be in a better mood and become excited about exploring new places with their families.

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