Best House Aesthetic to Suit your Style

Decorating or customising our homes to reflect ourselves and our style is no easy feat to achieve but in doing so we realize a lot of things about ourselves. And how our theoretical choices might differ when it comes to practicality. One of my favourite things, while redecorating my home is trying different aesthetics or elements of different aesthetics. And I know doing the research for these things is not fun. So, to help you here is a list of aesthetics that you might wanna try.

Best House Aesthetic to Suit your Style

Interior that reflects your inner self

The interior of your house should reflect you and you should feel comfortable. Here is a list of design styles to help you.

  • Rustic: Combining natural and industrial interior design elements.  Natural finishes and raw wood are highlighted, as are touches of stone or metal, and leather or other natural materials. 

  • Minimalist: This style is streamlined and elegant. Rooms are modestly decorated but utilitarian, with no distracting patterns or bright colours. Consider a contemporary art exhibition where everything is in its proper place with muted tones and understated furniture.

  • Coastal: This style is perfectly suited if your home is airy, open, and sunny. With coastal elements and colour accents of blue, white, and greens.

  • Bohemian: Bright fabrics, bright patterns, and a mishmash of styles and ages make for an unusual furniture mix. Show off your funky, unusual things on your table, mantle, bookshelves, and walls — it's the polar opposite of minimalism.

  • Mid-Century Modern:  Refined lines, minimalist silhouettes, and natural shapes distinguish it. Its parts are extremely adaptable and ways to incorporate new materials into this design, such as moulded plastic, plywood, and aluminium.

  • Industrial: This aesthetic is reminiscent of the industrial revolution at the turn of the century. Raw steel and distressed wood features are popular, and open brick walls are often used to complement them. Copper-tone embellishments are common in the current version. The rustic and mature decor is common in industrial settings.

  • Nautical: Warm, soothing, and upbeat. The essence of a New England beach house is reflected in the nautical design. Nautical décor uses unfinished wood for tables and chairs, as well as stylish linen fabric for lounge seats and sofas. There are numerous decorative elements to choose from: Seashells in crystal jars, jute ropes, rowing oars, sailboats, and navigational maps are among the items on display.


Though these styles may seem very different, they can be mixed or have elements added to each other. ApkaInterior is a place to find all your requirements met, be it any style or design. From indoor lights to bathroom fittings to bedsheets, all your needs will be met.

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