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1- Increase customer awareness of what you offer
According to a wonderful statistic from the famous Oberlo website about the extent to which social media sites influence customer decisions when purchasing any product or service.
The following may appear:


54% of social media users rely on it to search for new products and services.
71% of customers who like a particular product recommend it to their friends and acquaintances on social media.
73% of business owners in any field believe that social media marketing is very effective.
Social media users spend an average of 2:22 hours per day on these sites.
The presence of your company or service on social media helps you spread awareness among people, which is very important in order to draw the attention of those interested in what you offer so that they buy from you.


Not only that, but your constant communication makes you close to them, which makes them buy from you constantly, and become permanent customers for you, and this saves you a lot and guarantees you continuous profit.


2- Social media marketing is suitable for any business
Whatever your business, whether you rely on a website, a store, a company that provides services, or even a freelancer, you can use social networking sites to your advantage.


This is the beauty of social media sites, where you can take advantage of it to communicate with your customers, sell services to them directly, or provide customer service and after-sales services very quickly.


That is why you have to think carefully about the quality of your business, and the best way for you to take advantage of social networking sites.

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