What is The Difference Between Ziptrak & Zipscreen Blinds?

When it comes to selecting the right outdoor blinds, there are various options you might find online. Here you will get to know the difference between ziptrak & zipscreen blinds

What is The Difference Between Ziptrak & Zipscreen Blinds?

When it comes to selecting the right outdoor blinds, there are various options you might find online. Track guided outdoor blinds are the most popular outdoor blinds in Australia for sun and insect protection and to achieve aesthetic appeal in the outdoor space. 

When it comes to track-guided outdoor blinds, there are two major names that appear all the time- Ziptrak outdoor blinds and Zipscreen outdoor blinds. 

Both Zipscreen and Ziptrak blinds Melbourne are superior systems to be installed in your outdoor area. Both have their own different strengths and weaknesses. 

How about discussing major differences between these two popular outdoor blind systems? Read further to know the differences. 

Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds 

Designed by a South Australian company, Ziptrak outdoor blinds were conceptualized as people were looking for blinds without gaps and ones that are easy to operate.  Over the past six years, Ziptrak outdoor blinds in clear PVC and Mesh fabric have become quite popular in Australia as they serve the core purpose brilliantly. 

Zipscreen Outdoor Blinds 

Designed by Acmeda, one of the leading and largest design and manufacturing companies offering a wide range of blinds and other window treatments, introduced Zipscreen outdoor blinds that are versatile, flexible and available at the affordable cost. Earlier, they offered an internal Zip Block Out Roller Blind System called Shy Zip. Then, they have used the same zip based ZLock technology in the Shy Zip internal system. The first version called Version 1 had some issues related to the top funnel system. 

So they came up with version 2 that has addressed all the issues. The main focus was on outdoor shading systems and a wide range of sunshade blinds. 

Difference- Kedar Vs Zip 

The main difference between Zipscreen and Ziptrak outdoor blinds is the way the fabric is retained in the side channels. 

Normally, to hold the Ziptrak blind, a Cordura tape is used that is also called Kedar. This Kedar is not stitched as it will look ugly but is welded with high frequency to the fabric. Kedar is available in four different colors: White Beige, Primrose, and Black. Kedar has a tendency of staying strong and withstanding a lot of force. Hence, Ziptrak blinds’ fabric is held tightly in the channel. 

The main advantage of the Ziptrak Kedar is that you can more easily tighten the fabric than the Zipscreen system. Also, when you use a motor in windy conditions, the round Kedar will not jam more often. 

On the other hand, the Zipscreen blinds use a small zip to hold into the channel. It is called ZLock technology. However, you need to understand that there is no actual zipper that we know of, but a 5 mm zip at one side. Here too, the zip is high frequency welded to the fabric and is more slippery than the Kedar. However, the chances of jamming or sticking of the zip is higher here, especially during windy conditions. 

Unlike Ziptrak outdoor blinds, the Zipscreen zip cannot be seen easily as it is welded on just one side of the fabric. Also, the zip is hidden within the zipscreen channels. Hence, it is difficult to see. The main disadvantage of this zip does not work as smoothly as the Kedar in Ziptrak blinds, especially in the windy pressure. 

Difference: Hold Down Locks

When it comes to locks, Ziptrak outdoor blinds have a great range of hold-down options. They have an easy-to-use center release lock and channel locks which can be operated from inside or outside. Such flexibility offers maximum usability even in difficult installations. Both types of locks have small rubber seal strips to reduce gaps. 

On the other hand, Zipscreen blinds have a slide bolt bottom lock that can be used inside or outside. However, the problem is that the lock’s placement is restricted sometimes due to bad installations. Hence, the homeowner has to go outside of the patio or porch to operate and lift the blinds. It is very inconvenient and requires manual effort. 

Difference: Top Box/ Aesthetics 

Aesthetics always play a pivotal role while selecting the window treatments. When it comes to the aesthetic appeal, the Zipscreen top box cassette wins the race as it is the more sleek side channel design. 

On the other hand, where a top box is not used, people prefer the open style Ziptrak blinds Melbourne. 

Experts believe that having fully enclosed top boxers is a good thing as you will get the best protection for the fabric and roller components. Also, it will make the arrangement look more sleek. Furthermore, it also reduces insects entering your premises. 

Difference: Price 

This is the most crucial element while making a buying decision. It plays a huge role in selecting the right outdoor patio blinds for your home. When comparing the prices of Zipscreen blinds and Ziptrak blinds, the pricings are similar. 

However, when you change the width and drop, the price would change too. You need to hire the best supplier of Zipscreen and Ziptrak outdoor blinds to get the best deal in the market. 


When it comes to Zipscreen and Ziptrak outdoor blinds, both of them offer protection against sun and weather. Also, they offer privacy control to the owners. If you are confused about which one to buy for your home’s outdoor area, you can discuss the same with the expert as he/she will be able to understand your requirements and suggest you the best option that will serve the core purpose. 

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