2020 Trends in Colorado Residential Architecture

Read about some of the current (2020) trends in Colorado residential architecture. Trends, which will continue to rise in popularity in the future as well.

2020 Trends in Colorado Residential Architecture
2020 Trends in Colorado Residential Architecture

A journey to Colorado often means enjoying astounding landscapes, marvelous views, and numerous exploring opportunities. It grows to the hearts of many visitors, so it's no wonder why so many are coming back to live here. Some are looking for peace and quiet and others for adventure. For many, having their own corner in this part of the world means a dream come true. And the same diversity of reasons that lures people here is reflected in 2020 trends in Colorado residential architecture. From detached towns with rustic mountain homes to large centers that absorb the modern-design touch, you can see various residential design combinations in Colorado.

Residential architecture trends in Colorado 2020

In Colorado, wherever you go, you can notice that the diversity among people reflects their home architectural choices. Making a place a home is no small task and that journey can last for years. So, before you make your first steps, it would be good to know the differences between various architectural trends.

Prepare before anything else

If you plan to buy or create a home, it would be useful to get proper assistance. Especially if you are coming from afar and you are not familiar with the area. You can easily find Colorado professional movers to help you with relocation. Homegrown Moving is familiar with the area, so it won't be hard to move your belongings. As for the home itself, if you are interested in a particular design, it's good to know local trends first.

Let's see what the residential architecture trends in Colorado for 2020 are:

  • Self-sufficient homes
  • Contemporary homes
  • Modern and rural combination
  • Wide space inside homes
  • Minimalistic style homes
  • The Quiet-place design

Self-sufficient homes

Sustainable homes might be the future of residential architecture. Many people think this way and combine the modern technology to make an autonomous living environment. Through solar panels and similar solutions, renewable energy is becoming a part of a growing trend in Colorado. There are also water filtering solutions and other eco-friendly options that make their way into the 2020 architecture. Panels are placed on roofs, garages, or as a separate installation in a part of the land. Everything to increase energy efficiency. Natural sources of water, such as wells in yards, often become the main outdoor theme of these homes. And this goes beyond outdoor design. Inside these homes, you will find advanced vent systems, sound-proof walls, and pretty much plenty of comfort. Everything to improve the health and well-being of residents.

Contemporary homes

Contemporary architectural design is a broader term. It envelops much more than other designs on the list, with one difference. In essence, these are modern looking homes with functionality as the primary goal. Many call this type of architecture the style of the present day. And they aren't wrong. A typical contemporary home looks rugged and modern but also gently spreads its lines to embrace the surroundings. You can usually notice they have large windows. It blurs the border between the inside and the outside, which is also notable in the materials used indoors to mimic the land around. The combination of wood and hi-tech, for example, is nothing unusual for this type of home.

Modern and rural combination

     Today, many people decide to move to more rural areas of Colorado. Which, of course, brings many benefits. They decide it's time to move closer to the land. After you relocate you want to feel at home in no time, but it is not only about moving your stuff to the new place. What they often bring with them is the idea of modern-looking homes in the middle of natural landscapes—the idea of combining urban and rural. It turns out it gives us a specific style that combines modern taste with tranquil and private surroundings. You have a luxury looking house with rustic indoors, where nature and technology intertwine.

Wide space inside homes

The idea behind this architecture is to create one large place inside that will serve for many activities. A place where the entire family can participate in activities. Similar to the living room, just significantly larger. And this doesn't need to include only the interior. Quite often, this place extends and combines with the outdoors. In that case, you can enjoy the surrounding environment in full and still feel protected as if you are inside. It's a wonderful solution for all seasons of the year, even in winter. You can build a large room just in front of the house and enclose it with structural solutions, so it counts as indoors. Every kid will enjoy having fun there.

Minimalistic style homes

The Minimalistic approach often goes hand in hand with modern design. When simplicity is what you need to rest from the everyday rush, these homes are your option. They are designed with no clutter in mind. Usually, they offer simple yet functional solutions. And the entire indoor, including furniture, is absolutely minimal. Everything from the choice of color, through materials, to shapes are simple and practical. Even the size of the houses is minimalist. People often move or build smaller homes with an emphasis on quality rather than quantity. Basically, the message it sends is that you can have everything in a smaller place, without the need for extravagance.

The Quiet-place design

Contrary to the Open space style, Quiet space design focuses more on privacy. In general, you can imagine it as a combination of minimalism and relaxation. It's a home where you can enjoy peace without unnecessary distractions and regenerate your inner being. But they also have a purpose for work. Especially lately, considering the situation. That's why quiet space design is not only about the entire home; you can implement its philosophy for the workroom. In the end, everyone considering a home office probably have this type of solution in mind.

From homes that centralize their residents' activities to those that embrace increased privacy, you can see the increase in the popularity of various trends in Colorado residential architecture - 2020. But without a doubt, all those mixtures are there to provide comfort, and in some cases, to achieve balance, break restrains, or to give more sense to everyday life.

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