What is the Average Roof Restoration Cost?

What is the Average Roof Restoration Cost?

If you plan to renovate or sell your house, the right roof restoration efforts will help you restore it. It is a preferable option than roof replacement which tends to be expensive and a lengthy process. In this article, our expert roofing contractors in Melbourne have stated some of the signs indicating that you need to restore your roof soon. Also, an estimate of the costs to fix it has also been noted. 

What is a Roof Restoration?

The process of roof restoration Melbourne typically involves roof cleaning, repainting and carrying out the necessary fixes to restore it to its best condition. It is the best way to extend the life of your roof, without you having to spend a considerable amount of roof replacement.

The roof restoration process is quite different from roof repairs or roof replacement. To start with, roof repairs are usually cheaper than roof restoration as it involves fixing small problems with the roof like roof leaks. Whereas, roof replacement is one of the most expensive options as it involves replacing the existing roof with a new one. 

Signs That Indicate You Need Roof Restoration

  • Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are easy to notice, and one can identify traces of water leaks by visual inspection. If you notice water patches on your house's ceiling or interior walls, then these are serious signs of roof leaks.  

  • Roof Sagging

A sagging area or sagging roof is a sure sign of roof damage. If you notice visible dips in your roof, there are chances that there are issues with your roof rafter. 

  • Deteriorating roof valley

Damaged roof valleys require fixing on an urgent basis. If you notice loose or worn material around vents, chimney, pipes and other areas where the roof has been penetrated and sealed, it's a sign that your roof needs urgent roof restoration through Melbourne experts.

  • Corrosion

Corrosion or rust is a strong indication that water is pooling around your roof's fasteners and fittings. If there is rust alongside flaking paint and rotting timber, it's best to have your roof professionally inspected through Melbourne's roofing contractors

How Much Does a Roof Restoration Cost?

Based on roof restoration companies' estimates, restoration for an average-sized Australian house will start around $2,400.  

Roofing companies usually charge by the square metre, with price per square decreasing for larger spaces. 

While determining cost, another important factor will be the roof's height, as installation of safety rail is required over a certain height. 

Some of the other factors that may impact the price include:

  • Amount of the repairs required

  • The steepness of the roof 

  • Types of coating required 

  • Accessibility of the roof

In Australia, roof replacement is quite expensive as compared to roof restoration. However, if your roofs are badly worn out, it is advisable to opt for roof replacement.

Various factors affect the price of roof repairs. Apart from that, the condition of the roof plays an essential role in estimating the costs. One can provide an approximate for a particular roof only on inspecting the roofs thoroughly.

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