6 Facts about Split System Installation That You Never Knew

6 Facts about Split System Installation That You Never Knew

Every homeowner requires heating their home during the winter, and a split heating system can fulfil your requirements. The split heating systems are more popular today due to their compactness and the ability to heat the home at optimum levels. However, there are a few things you should remember before conducting the installation work properly. If the installation work is not perfect, it cannot provide the same heating effect you require and result in surprising expenses due to frequent maintenance and repair issues.

Here are those facts you should not miss during split system installation Melbourne for efficient functioning.

  1. Placing the system

During the installation of the split system, make sure that the wall you choose for installation of the unit is robust enough to support the weight of the system. Choosing a weak wall can make the system tear through it, leaving it damaged. Before the installation of the unit, be sure to note that the installation service provider comes and tests the wall on which to place the system. 

Typically, the heating unit should stay at least seven to eight feet above the ground. Furthermore, you need to ensure that there is adequate open space on the sides and top of the indoor unit to facilitate the proper functioning of the system and let the air circulate through the entire room.

  1. Placement of the outdoor unit

You should place the outdoor unit of the split system on a flat and robust surface as it contains some of the essential components of the system, such as the fan motor, compressor, and condenser. Not placing it on a flat surface can create strong vibrations in the unit, which can damage the copper pipes and the compressor. Besides, it can also create terrible noise within the unit and disturb the people in the neighbourhood. A reliable split system service Melbourne has in-depth knowledge about the proper placement of the outdoor unit.

  1. Not seeking services from subcontractors

During the installation of the split system, you must try to use the service of a company that deploys its employees. Although a subcontractor may not offer a second grade of service during the installation, the contractor has a team of experienced professionals for conducting the work, who undergo testing for the service they provide before getting into your home for the installation work.

  1. Protection warranty 

Warranties protect the service provider and the homeowner and prevent the expenses of split system repairs in Melbourne. Most warranties you get may skip through significant aspects and may not provide the coverage that the system needs. If you want the warranty to protect the split system adequately, it should last for about a year.

  1. Licensed contractor

Without using a licensed contractor, you can risk putting the system in the hands of inexperienced professionals. Besides licensing, you should also check whether the service provider has liability insurance. If the technicians cause damage to your property during installation, you can sue them for improper work.

  1. Enduring proper tilt

The split system to install should have a proper tilt to allow the condensed water to flow from the drainpipe. If you fail to check the tilt of the equipment, you can compromise a fully functional heating system that provides comfort to your home during the sinter and keeps it adequately heated during the winter.

The final point

If you want the split system to work effortlessly, hiring a team of experienced and trustworthy professionals can make the installation perfect.

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