Where should you sell your preloved designer items?

Do you want to sell your preloved designer clothes, bags, shoes and other accessories? Read more on how and why one should consider selling preloved designer items.

Where should you sell your preloved designer items?

When you have preloved designer items that are ready to be sold to another owner, the hardest part is finding the right platform–or even knowing where to sell them! There are a number of different options on the market, all with their pros and cons. While many people are intimidated by the idea of selling their preloved clothes, we should note that designer preloved items are much easier to sell. Second hand designer pieces have a much larger market and usually stand the test of time a lot better than fast-fashion pieces, making their condition more acceptable and the demand higher. So, if you have a heap of designer pieces that are in search of a new home, then this article is perfect for you.

Why should you sell your preloved designer pieces?

With the perceived trouble around selling second hand designer pieces, why should you bother selling your preloved items? There are a number of benefits for both you and the world that makes selling your second hand designer pieces completely worth it. Here are a few reasons:

  • It’s an environmentally friendly way of disposing of your clothes as you don’t contribute to the world’s landfills
  • It does not promote exploitative labour practices which are used to manufacture new designer clothes
  • Your designer pieces get to live a new life through another person
  • You benefit from the reselling price and can use your profit as seed money towards another beautiful designer piece

Options for selling your designer items online

  • Luxury designer consignment shops

Luxury designer consignment shops are online website platforms/apps that are solely dedicated to the marketing and selling of second hand designer items. With the majority of these websites, you send your items while they list, photograph and market your items to their already developed client base. When it is sold, these companies package and send the items to the buyer and then deposit your earnings into your account. It is, by far, the least stressful platform as you have to do almost nothing. Bear in mind that with this option, the company will take a small commission based on the price that your item is sold for.

  • Social media marketplaces

With social media marketplaces, you can list your items yourself on a social media platform such as Facebook. With this option, you are responsible for listing, marketing and photographing the item to users of the social media platform. Once you find a buyer, you are then responsible for organising payment and shipping of the item. While there is no commission taken with the option, you are responsible for everything connected to the selling of your product. There is also no guaranteed client base that you can approach, although there are some Facebook pages dedicated to the buying and selling of second hand items.

  • Options for selling your designer items offline

Thrift stores: Thrift stores are the oldest method on this list. You sell your preloved designer items to the thrift store for a set price and then they put them on their shelves or racks for their customer base to purchase. There are both advantages and disadvantages to this method. First, you don’t need to wait on your items to be sold to get the money, making it a great option for people who need money quickly. You also don't need to do much, you just need to sell it to the thrift store. Second, you run the risk of losing out on a high price as someone may be your item for a higher price than you sold it to the thrift store for, meaning that the store acquires the profit.

Markets: You also have the option of setting up your own stall at a Saturday or Sunday market. While you are guaranteed to get a steady stream of customers, it is not guaranteed that your items will be sold. You also have the added hassle of setting up your stall and paying for a spot. This option is best for people with an impressive collection of preloved designer items.

Online luxury consignment stores are the #1 option

While all of these options are wonderful and successful for different reasons, we believe that online luxury consignment stores are the best option. Online luxury consignment stores offer the most benefits by photographing, listing and marketing your items, sending them to customers and other logistical matters that come up with the selling of second hand luxury items. All you have to do is wait to be paid!

We understand that the process behind selling your preloved designer item is intimidating, this is why we’ve tried to make it easier by identifying the different options you have. Online luxury consignment shops are our favourite platform for selling second hand designer pieces because of how easy and hassle-free it is. There is a base market of preloved buyers waiting for your items, all you have to do is wait to get paid!  Luckily for you, Sydney is home to many of these online luxury consignment shops, making your search for the designer handbag of your dreams a breeze!

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