What Are The Do’s and Don'ts During Plumbing

What Are The Do’s and Don'ts During Plumbing

You never know when a plumbing problem can happen. It can be a minute one at times, but the other times it can be really troublesome. There are various plumbing problems like drain blockage, frozen pipes, leaking pipes, sewer problems, faulty faucets, gas leaks.

You can observe the seriousness of the situation and decide whether you should go for it or should you call for professional help. Use your mind and be careful in both the cases. We will list out a few things that you must and must not follow during plumbing.

Do’s of Plumbing

  1. Do shut off the water supply

Before you are setting in to take over any plumbing services in your hands, make sure you shut off the main water supply. Clogged drains and pipes can release water with a huge amount of pressure while you are working on them. 

  1. Do cover your hand, eyes and nose

You don't know exactly what is going to happen, there might be an adverse effect. Drilling, hammering, using chemicals, and sawing can damage your hands, eyes and lungs. Therefore, always cover them with gloves, glasses and masks.  

  1. Be well informed about building codes

These plumbing codes tell you what are the tasks that can be undertaken by you and which of them require professional help. Follow them.

  1. Use the right equipments

Before you begin with the plumbing process, make sure you have identified the problem and you're using the right equipment. One wrong hit and the whole thing can turn into a disaster. You of course don't want flood in your home. Also, be extra cautious while using equipment. 

  1. Do get your equipments checked before winters

Always prefer to get your pipes and heating system checked before the winter arrives. Pipes freeze, shrink and even break because of the low temperature. To avoid any sudden mishap, always follow this step. 

  1. Do pay attention to the labels

Always and always use labels on the equipment and products that you use. Check the warning labels and use them accordingly. Lastly, know when to call for professional help!   

Don’ts of Plumbing

  1. Do not hurry

Tasks like these need patience. Do not hurry or try to do the work in minutes. Take your time to identify problems and to learn how to exactly fix them, follow the procedure without haste. 

  1. Do not just cut anything

Do not go for cutting, drilling or sawing just anything. There can be wires and pipes behind the wall you want to drill. Stay safe. 

  1. Do not use drain cleaners that often 

These drain cleaners have corrosive chemicals that can damage your pipes. These can result in weak pipes and well, weak pipes are definitely a headache. 

  1. Do not forget to read instructions

Never, never forget to read labels mentioning instructions and requirements. One wrong step can result in a great chaos. 

  1. Do not ignore gas leaks

In the case where you can smell gases, rush to get professional gas leak plumber help. Just get out of your house and call your gas company. Gas leaks also happen because of careless cutting or drilling.

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