What are The Combination Vanity Units?

If you are looking for little more then just a bathroom storage, then a combination vanity unit can be a perfect choice for you.

What are The Combination Vanity Units?

There has been a lot of focus on making bathrooms a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing space during the COVID-19 pandemic. While there are a lot of things that you can do to create a perfect bathroom space, the combination vanity units make it easier, quicker, and cost effective. With growing need of storage, bathroom vanity units UK are a common choice for most spaces. However, installing a storage that offers much more then just a storage. But it is only suitable, when you are looking to add a storage as well as a toilet and sink. If you want to be at ease for the next bathroom makeover, then it will be worthwhile to get all the information you need about combination vanity units

Our article, discuss various issues related to this type of bathroom storage. 

What are The Combination Vanity Units?

It is a term that is commonly used for a type of bathroom storage furniture that combines a vanity unit, a sink and the toilet. So, everything comes built in into the one unit, helping you to get all you need with a single purchase. It combines multiple functionalities into a single unit to offer a composite solution for any bathroom. 

What’s included in a Combination Vanity Unit?

You may be thinking what actually the combination vanity unit looks like and include. 

  • A Vanity Unit.  It has the complete shape similar to a vanity unit. But bit bigger in size. So, the first thing and solution it brings to you in a bathroom is improving the bathroom storage. It has a shelf that allows you to keep bathroom essentials unsightly. 

  • A Sink.  It is essentially a vanity unit UK that has a sink fitted over it. With such vanities you have two options available, a single sink vanity and a double sink combination unit. You will need to choose based on the size of your bathroom. The availability of sink can be fitted type of a free style bowl that sits on the top of it. It eliminates your need of having a separate sink in the bathroom. 

  • A Toilet.  Along with a vanity sink unit, another thing that is a part of such unit is a toilet. With WC unit style fitting of concealed cistern at the one of its ends, you can easily enjoy the back to wall style toilet with it. 

The Size and Colours Availability.

The major purpose of the combination vanity unit is to save space. There is extensive range for its sizes availability in the market. You can normally choose from the 900mm, 1000mm. 1300mm width. For large space these can go up to 1600mm and beyond.  You will need to choose the size based on the availability of your space in your bathroom. The colour range of these vanities also range from white gloss, hale black, grey, elm grey etc. So, in any finish the bathroom vanity units UK available, you can easily find the combination units as well. 

What Benefits You Can Expect from a Combination Vanity Units?

Here are few benefits that you can expect from a combination vanity. 

1- Save Bathroom Space. 

The first advantage of the combination vanity unit is to save bathroom space. That is why these units are designed and installed. With everything that fits into a same space, you can easily save a lot of bathroom space. However, that does not these are only for small bathrooms. You can use them for a medium to large spaces as well.

2- Coordinated Looks.

When you plan for a bathroom upgrade, the first thing that should come into your mind is the design you want to create. However, it might not easier thing to do. With so much sophistication into the bathroom designs, finding the fixtures that match with one another can be difficult and time consuming. However, with combination vanity units the coordinated looks can be a lot more easier. 

3- Save Time and Money. 

You will no longer need to struggle with finding the matching bathroom fittings. It will save you a lot of time that would otherwise go waste. In addition to that getting all the fittings in one single package can save you money too. All installation will be easier and less costly in comparison to getting and installing everything individually or separately. 

Final Thoughts about Combination Vanity Units

If you are looking for little more then just a bathroom storage, then a combination vanity unit can be a perfect choice for you. Not only it can help you save space, but also look aesthetically pleasing. It is a great way to create a luxurious looking modern bathroom. By installing them you will have many benefits that we have already discussed in above sections. We have high quality bathroom furniture available at Royal Bathrooms online store in the UK’s website. 


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