Motorhomes & Caravans - Universal RV Maintenance Tips!

Here are the maintenance tips for motorhome, caravans and RVd. It is vital to give regular servicing to your caravans and motorhomes and to keep it well-maintained.

Motorhomes & Caravans - Universal RV Maintenance Tips!

Camper trailers, caravans and motorhomes act as a home away from home, so it is equally vital to give regular servicing to your caravans and motorhomes and to keep it well-maintained. At times, they will also need repairs to make sure that all moving parts remain in excellent working condition.

What Is the Frequency for RV Servicing?

Regular servicing of motorhome or caravan is both a crucial and costly decision for RV owners. At times, first-time RV owners may even get a shock for having to shell out money for maintaining their RVs in a healthy state, on top of the hefty price that they have paid towards their RV purchase. Nonetheless, you should not overlook motorhome and caravan servicing.

Well, there are two types of caravan services:

1. The First Service

The first caravan service often considered as the most vital service of a van’s lifetime. Serviced in the first twelve months of ownership, or if the RV trips around 2000 kilometres - whichever comes earlier. The first service is elementary, but it can uncover any signs of unusual concern or weakness.

2. The Annual Service

Depending on the RV manufacturer or brand and the RV type, annual servicing may change. Annual RV servicing should fall at least once every year, or every 9,500 to 10,500 kilometres – whichever comes earlier. If your van has been sitting idle without any use, still you need to give proper attention and servicing. Annual servicing will make sure that your next family outing or camping trip is stress-free and enjoyable.

Universal RV Maintenance Tips

Well, you can ask your local caravan and motorhome servicing expert for general RV maintenance tips. Apart from that, you can follow below mentioned general maintenance tips for your caravan, camper trailer, motorhome and camper van.

Store Your RV in An Enclosed Area When Not In Use

If you’re not using your RV regularly, then it is highly recommended to store it in an enclosed area. If you don’t have a garage or an enclosed space to store your RV, then you can also use one of the self-storage near to your residence that facilitates storing RV. Keeping your RV covered safeguards it from the outside elements and curtails the risk of damage caused due to falling debris or rubble. Here, it is good to remember the golden saying, “Prevention is better than cure”.

Don’t Ignore the Engine of Your Campervan or Motorhome

When you’re on a holiday trip along with your loved ones, and your motorhome breaks down mid-way, how would you’ll feel? The experience would be agonising – right. Well, you can avert this from happening in the first place by giving enough care and attention to the engine of your motorhome. Ensure the coolant refilled, oil changed on time, and all other fluids are topped up fittingly. A well-serviced motorhome engine will make sure you’ll have a hassle-free holiday trip that is safe and fuel-efficient. If you haven’t booked for your next due service, don’t delay further and immediately book a service with your trusted local service centre and avoid regretting later.

Don’t Allow Your RV to Sit Unused for Months At a Stretch

If you allow your RV to sit unused for months together, then it could inflict damage, especially if you haven’t kept it clean. If this does occur, then what should you do? Take your van out on the road, shake off the fabrics and charge the batteries. If you leave your van unused for a longer duration, then it will drain the housed batteries to the point of irreversible damage. These days, new batteries are not cheap; thus, it is prudent to keep unused batteries plugged into a certified battery management system/ charger. Besides, get the battery of your RV tested before you take off for a long holiday trip to ensure it is retaining a charge.

Inspect Seals

Inspect caravan window seals, door seals, boot/ tailgate seals, pop-top seals, and other moisture-protective seals regularly for leaks - older seals are more prone to leak. Besides, regular opening and closing sealed areas such as windows, doors and hatches can cause damage to the seal. Moreover, seals wear after tolerating dry, dusty and hot conditions and crack in the process.

Inspect the Tyres Occasionally

If you notice any peculiar depressions or cracks in your RV’s tyres, then it’s time to get them replaced. In the caravanning industry, the general norm is, tyres older than five years need replacement even if they don’t exhibit any wear or damage signs. Moreover, your local caravan servicing expert can ascertain this for you. Well, new RV tyres are pricier, but why should you take any chances? And new tyres will impart stability and provide better fuel efficiency. Exposure to excess sun, road wear and ageing can all affect the condition of your motorhome and caravan tyres. And if you have kept your van idle for a while, then it’s crucial to check the tyres.

Keep Your RV Clean

Don’t let grime and dirt to accumulate on your RV, as it can cause significant surface damage if you don’t treat it correctly. If you’re storing your caravan in an enclosed area or garage, then cleaning your caravan would be easy. It’s crucial to make sure you have the right cleaning agents and tools, or you risk damaging the sensitive surfaces of your caravan. If you’re not sure, then it is better to ask your local caravan servicing and repairs expert.

Get In Touch with Your Local RV Servicing & Repairs Company

Well, you’ll have to do some research and go over online reviews to finalise a reputed and trustworthy RV servicing and repairs company near you. A complete RV servicing and repairs company will provide an array of services that will include caravan servicing, caravan repairs, RV modifications etc.

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