Understand All the Types of Car Lease to Crack the Best Car Lease Deals in Australia

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Understand All the Types of Car Lease to Crack the Best Car Lease Deals in Australia

To buy a car in Australia, apart from a car loan or cash, an alternative method is always present in the option of car leasing. In-car leasing, you borrow a vehicle as well as repay it for a sufficient period. The car leasing period is typically around 2 to 5 years. Like renting a house, renting a car does not give you full ownership and some restrictions on using the vehicle are also imposed by the owner.

Through this article, we will try to know about the best car lease deals in Australia. With car leasing, you can easily drive your dream car by simply taking it on lease and paying its installment on monthly basis.

Types Of Car Leasing Available In Australia

There are many car leasing options available in Australia. You can choose your favorite car leasing scheme at a reasonable rate of interest through a different lender.

  1. Car Lease By Novated Car Lease

Novated car leases are a type of car leasing in which arrangements happen between 3 parties (employees, their employer, and finance company). In the novated car lease, the employer agrees to pay the car lease amount to the finance company from their employee's pre-tax salary. This car leasing also reduces the employee taxable income.

These novated car leases attract any tax benefit and it is payable by the employer. The car is not given to the employee for work but 100% personal use. For this reason, many employees in Australia are easily eligible for a novated car lease if they have employee approval. At the end of the novated car lease, the employee can keep the vehicle with them by paying a balloon payment or can extend the lease further.

  1. Car Lease By Finance Leases

If you need a car for business then it can be given through finance car lease. In a finance car lease, the vehicle is bought by the finance company and it is given on lease till the period of the lease. After all, at the time of its expiry, the vehicle is either purchased or taken back on lease.

  1. Car Lease By Operation Leases

Operating a car lease is similar to a finance lease but this lease is not responsible for residential value at end of this car leasing. In this type of car leasing, the car is simply handover to a financial company. Operating car leasing is specially used by some businesses with a high turnover of vehicles.

Pros And Cons Of Leasing A Car In Australia!!

Car leasing is a great option to buy your favorite car. But car leasing is like two sides of the coin, it has advantages as well as disadvantages.

Pros Of Car Leasing-

  • It is cheaper- Car leasing is much cheaper. Car lease monthly payment is much cheaper than car loan repayment. Your lower cash helps you a lot and you use your cash for other needs.
  • You get the best models-  With the help of car leasing, it is very easy to change the vehicle within a few years, so that you will also get to drive new models of the vehicle every one or two years.
  • Very easy maintenance- Many car leases come with a maintenance package. Your car lease payment is also included in the maintenance cost.
  • You get huge tax benefits- Leasing a vehicle for a commercial purpose gives you a lot of tax-saving benefits.

Cons Of Car Leasing-

  • You didn't have the right to sell- You do not have the right to sell the car until you pay the full amount.
  • You didn't make any modifications- You have to get permission from the finance company to make any kind of modification.
  • Driving restrictions- Many car leases come with driving restrictions in which you cannot drive the vehicle more than the miles fixed by the financial company.
  • It's become a higher long-term cost deal- When you do the complete calculation with your car lease calculator, you will find that car leasing becomes very expensive for a long time.

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