Tips to save electricity with an Air Conditioner

Tips to save electricity with an Air Conditioner

Australia has lovely long summers with temperatures usually in the middle 30s (degrees Celsius). Therefore, retreating to a cool air-conditioned home while you are home, away from the oppressive heat of the day, is soothing. It's the source of family's relief from those endless summer days, which at times feels like a hot blanket.

The drawback is that your air-con unit reception has to work quite hard during this season. This implies that your air-con bill might climb without you realizing. Energy consumption will soar a bit like the temperature at the time of day. 

However, there are some easy and useful tips to cut back your air-con bill in summer and keep a comfortable indoor atmosphere. Applying the following pointers will assist you to keep the temperatures cool and let the energy consumption be reduced.

  • Keep the AC lower at night:

During the night, you don't need a constant level of conscious cool. Try and keep turning your AC down (so it's running less) throughout your sleeping hours or, if your unit utilizes the "sleep mode" it lowers the output. For comfortable sleeping, your body merely will not want your cooling to run at an equivalent temperature as it does throughout the day. So, along with your cooling off, you'll relish some nocturnal energy savings.

  • Turn off the heat-emitting culprits:

The tv, computer, printer, lamp within the corner, the room oven, and all the household equipment generate bucketloads of warmth, which leads your cooling system to figure tougher to maintain temperatures. Flip them off, and you will economize on your air-con energy consumption straight away!

  • Replace older AC units with new efficient ones:

If you wish to understand the way to save electricity with air conditioning, investigate its energy consumption. The more energy-efficient the AC, the lower energy consumption bills. Sadly, older AC models typically have fewer stars and consume heaps of energy. 

If you do not wish to switch your AC units, you can also opt for air-con service in Melbourne and other areas of Australia. The same applies to commercial air conditioning service, Melbourne. 

  • Thermostats and Timers- set and save:

When it involves reducing your air-con bill over summer, each degree matters!

So one of the foremost energy-efficient things one can do is set their thermostat at a comfortable temperature that won't make your unit work too hard. However, it will make you feel comfortable in a soothing temperature, without having to work too hard. 

As a guide, somewhere between twenty-two and twenty-four degrees Celsius, is a preferable temperature to set the thermostat. With every single degree of cooling, you do away with, the better the savings. Thus, avoid setting it too cold in summer. Even setting your air-con unit one degree hotter than your usual temperature, the world will cut prices by up to 10%. 

Other things that would help your air-con unit function better is through regular service and repairs. AC units need to be cleaned time and again for a prolonged life as well as better performance. The same applies to commercial air conditioning service in Melbourne. Irrespective of the size of the unit, regular maintenance work is necessary.

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