Things You Should Know About Car Transmission Service

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Things You Should Know About Car Transmission Service

Every car owner is mostly aware of the basic parts in their car, right from the engine to the brakes, battery etc. but very few may know about the car's transmission service and the important role it plays in the smooth and efficient performance of their car. It is responsible for the smooth transition of gears in both manual and automatic vehicles, the transmission services need to be well maintained and oiled for it to perform perfectly.

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If a transmission service is not well maintained and damaged in the long run, replacing it can be very expensive and time consuming, leaving you with a big hole in the pocket. All these troubles can be easily avoided, by ensuring the timely inspection and maintenance of your transmission service.

Some of the signs that your transmission service needs attention are as follows:

1. Sounds from the car

Cars are designed to operate silently and smoothly, with any untoward behavior being the first signs of trouble within your car. If your car is making a grinding or mechanical sound even when it is in neutral, it means that there is something wrong with the transmission of your car and needs immediate attention.

In such scenarios it is advisable to seek the services of a professional mechanic and ask him to take corrective measures, to ensure that the transmission is back to normal.

2. Problem with the gears

Since they have installed the transmission system to facilitate the smooth movement and changing of gears, any difficulties with the same can be a potential sign of problems with the transmission system. Gears slipping, not changing easily and getting stuck are all the signs you need to watch out for and take preventive action against as soon as possible.

Your vehicle could also shake while changing gears, which could either be a sign of low transmission liquid or some mechanical problems with the transmission system.

3. Light Indications

Most of the modern cars have inbuilt systems that detect if there are any problems with the transmission system and display a warning light on your dashboard. Make sure you pay attention to these signals and do not ignore them so that you avoid a more intensive and irreplaceable damage to your car’s transmission system.

Timely attention to these little details will ensure that your car's transmission lasts long and gives you many years of comfortable driving experience.

What should be done during a transmission service?

While getting your vehicle’s transmission system serviced, make sure that the auto mechanic drains out the old transmission liquid completely, with no residue being left behind. Apart from that, he should remove and replace the transmission filter, replace the oil pan and fix the gasket and conduct a detailed test to ensure that there are no leakages or problems with your transmission system.

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A transmission service should be done periodically to ensure that it is always cleaned, reduces heat and better lubricated so it does not give you any problems while you are on the road.


Every component of your car is equally important and has a significant role to play in the overall performance of your car. Taking timely care and performing periodic maintenance of all its parts will ensure that you don’t face sudden breakdowns which could be both unsafe and expensive to repair.

Your car's transmission system is one such part that needs adequate care, so make sure you ask your auto mechanic to perform a thorough service for a longer life and lessen the chances of facing a major transmission repair.

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