Suv Vs. Sedan: Where To Invest Your Money?

Read here more about where to invest money between SUV & Sedan. SUV and a sedan may fit your future requirements and budget in addition to your present circumstances with this comprehensive SUV vs. sedan comparison.

Suv Vs. Sedan: Where To Invest Your Money?

Buying a car is most definitely a major event in life. Whether you are replacing your old one or buying the first car of your life, making sure that it meets all your needs should be your topmost priority. While looking for a car, it is difficult not to grapple with the dilemma of buying an SUV or Sedan.

Both SUV and Sedan have their own pros and cons. We are going to run through all the advantages and disadvantages so that you can invest your money in a car that is worth it. 

If you are having a tough time choosing between the two, here is what you need to know:


Before we move on to tell you about all the advantages this car can offer you, let us tell you what SUV exactly means. When we say SUV, the instant thought is that of a huge vehicle. However, SUV is not just a gigantic beauty. It stands for Sports Utility Vehicle and completely justifies its name. It comes with an all-wheel-drive which makes it supremely durable on rough terrains. With a high ground clearance and powerful performance, SUV is considered a perfect car for road-trip enthusiasts.

Reliability: The reliability of your SUV car will also depend on the make and model you buy. However, most SUV makes and models promise high reliability. SUV is crafted with durable and equally expensive car parts. They can survive rough terrains and can also endure wear and tear. If you are looking for a car that swears on durability and a longer life span, SUV can be a great choice for you.

Space: One of the biggest advantages of an SUV is the amount of space it provides. SUV has additional space as compared to Sedan. If you have a bigger family or you simply like to keep some equipment ready in the back of your car, this should be your next buy. If you have a large family and driving around in minivans is beyond embarrassing, you can definitely consider an SUV.

Towing capacity: If you load your car with extensive weight pretty often, this is the car for you. SUV has an excellent towing capacity which will make it easier for you to load it with heavy items. You can shove in some weight not only in the interior but also on the back of the car. This car makes it easier to pull motor toys like boats as well.

Safety: Since the car is designed from a family-car point of view, the safety features are way ahead than that of a Sedan. There are more technological safety features which will ensure a safe ride for you and your family. The additional air-bags are also a bonus in the car.


We’re sure a Sedan is on your list if a large vehicle is not something you are looking forward to. Driving a Sedan has its own advantages. Even though it has low ground clearance as compared to an SUV, the safety and fuel economy it ensures makes it a great buy. If you are planning to invest in a brand new Sedan, read on to know where you are investing your money and what benefits will you reap.

Safety: Even though you can keep your stuff in the cargo of an SUV, the safety can’t be compared to having a closed trunk. Since a Sedan has three closed bodies, the closed trunk makes it a safer option. If you travel with valuables or simply want to keep your belongings secure, bring a Sedan home.

Driveability: If you want a car that can be effortlessly driven around, this one is for you. A sedan ensures good driveability because of both its make and weight as compared to an SUV. If you do not have a large family and you like yourself a smooth ride you can definitely consider a Sedan. It is not just easier to manoeuvre but can also be parked without much struggle.

Fuel Economy: Since most Sedans come with a four-cylinder, sedans rank higher than SUVs in terms of fuel economy. The low gas prices are still unable to beat the advantage Sedans offer because SUVs come with V6 or V8. Even the Sedans which come with V6 engines are still fuel-efficient because of the size of a Sedan and the amount of power it requires. If the fuel budget is your concern, go for a Sedan without a doubt.

Budget: A sedan costs less than an SUV unless you are buying a Sedan with extravagant features. You do not only save money on the fuel but also save money on the purchase. The sedan is a great choice for you if money is what you are planning to save.

There are multiple other factors to consider while choosing between the two options. If you are planning a bigger family or your car is simply not enough for your family outings, an SUV would make more sense because of the additional space it offers. If your lifestyle doesn’t require you to cover rough terrains or carry heavy equipment in the car, Sedan should be your priority.

Don’t worry if budget is your problem! You can sell your old car at a great price and get your new gleaming friend at home. If you are looking for car buyers, give us a call or get free online car valuation. Once you have an estimate about the money you can get for your old car, set your budget for a new one.

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