Stunning Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations from the House of MW Homes

MW Homes ensures their clients’ home is redecorated and embellished by experienced skilled professionals.

If it has been ages since your home’s had an elegant makeover, let MW Homes do the needful. For over 30 years, MW Homes has been providing awe-inspiring solutions for home, bathroom & kitchen renovations to its clientele across Melbourne. The Melbourne-based renovation experts are renowned for offering high-value ideas, guidance and services for kitchen & bathroom renovations to its clients. They have transformed several brick and mortar dwellings into dream homes exactly the way they are envisioned by the clients.

The renovation experts are equipped to design, construct, install and handle project management entirely. The team at MW Homes basically operates by working along with clients right from inception to project completion.


MW Homes ensures their clients’ home is redecorated and embellished by experienced skilled professionals. The firm has a well-structured team comprising:

•          Carpenters

•          Electricians

•          Plumbers

•          Plasterers

•          Waterproofers

•          Tilers

and other skilled personnel, each a pro at executing his task flawlessly. Their combined efforts infuse innovation, functionality and elegance in every corner of a property.


Innovative Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations for Melbourne Residents

When it comes to kitchen renovations, clients are eager to give loads of inputs. It’s obvious that one looks for absolute comfort, optimal space utilisation in existing conditions, storage and of course, aesthetic appeal in the kitchen. MW Homes holds in-depth discussions with clients about these aspects and creates an action plan accordingly. Objectives like functionality, value and elegance matter to different people in varying levels. After getting an idea about what a particular client prioritises, steps are taken to accommodate all their needs.

A bathroom may not be the focal point of a home, but it offers personal space that we all need. MW Homes, therefore, ensures that bathroom renovations Melbourne residents enquire about eagerly are treated with due importance.  The following points with respect to bathroom renovations are raised before the client to work out and execute renovation solutions accordingly:

•          Layout to accommodate maximum needs

•          Ergonomics

•          Budget

•          Aesthetic appeal

•          Storage


Creating Bathroom Renovations Bathroom Usage Requires

MW Homes meticulously record all the requirements and expectations clients say they have from the new bathroom they’re going to have. Discussions about all aspects of bathroom renovations are held with clients at length, such as design, functionalities, positioning of furnishings and fittings like a basin, faucets, bathtub, etc. and material to be used. They are provided all the inputs and support they need to make the best decisions. In addition, factors that pose challenges are also discussed and sorted out. For instance, a key challenge encountered while renovating bathrooms is the wearing away of bathroom furnishings, fittings, etc. before the clients may expect. All clients may not be acutely aware of occurrences like these. It’s important to sort them beforehand and then take things ahead. MW Homes ensure it’s done in all earnestness so as to avoid probable inconveniences in due course. All measures are taken to keep the entire process open, honest and genuine in all respects.

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