Top 7 Promotional Strategies to Sell More on Events like Christmas

By making use of these promotional strategies during Christmas, New Year, or Valentine's season, you can easily create a lasting impact on the customers and spread brand awareness.

Top 7 Promotional Strategies to Sell More on Events like Christmas

What is a Promotional Strategy?

The promotional strategies are one of the marketing resources more important. With them, you will be able to publicize your products, create the need for them in the market, and even achieve a good positioning of your brand.

Therefore, if you want to sell your product or service, it is very important. You are clear about what promotional strategies exist and which one is best for your business. As it is a key action for you to achieve success. This is so because of the objective of promoting a product. As we mentioned earlier, is to increase its sales, attract the attention of customers and improve its brand image.

Most of the brands make use of custom boxes to promote their products in the local market and attracting customers on foot. This is one of the most successful product promotional strategies that the brands use. In addition, there are many other ways of promoting products in the market.

How to Promote Products in the Market?

On the one hand, the company will be able to optimally promote its products & services. Consumers will have all the information they need to choose or discard our products and/or services.

The durability of these promotions is usually short-term. Consumers are encouraged to consume our product or service in a relatively short period of time, the more instantaneous, the more profitability we can obtain. When you are selling online, the images or videos in which your product is displayed matter. As they often serve to decide whether or not someone buys what you are offering on the web.

Strategies to Promote Products on Events

With the holiday season, your products have a special opportunity to show off. If you are going to include seasonal products, you have an easy task promoting them. Since they will surely be requested by your customers. If you are not adding new products, but you want them to have a Christmas touch. You will surely need some ideas to make them look attractive and as possible gifts this holiday season.

If you are looking for custom packaging for Christmas event then get the eye-catchy Christmas gift boxes from Boxes Xpert Hub and add extra worth to your products on the upcoming Christmas. We are trusted worldwide and we do not charge high rates.

Remember that the objective of this season is selling so we are going to give you some ideas so that you can promote your products at Christmas either through images, videos, and/or discounts that are attractive and generate possible sales.

1. Seasonal Background in the Photographs of Your Products

Dare to display your products in a warm, homey, and Christmas atmosphere. Do not hesitate to carry out the photo session of your products (whether Christmas or not) outdoors, using parks as settings where you include seasonal vegetation, such as flowers or Christmas pine trees.

If in your environment you do not find this type of natural scenery, create yours in a professional but economical way. Always play with the white background and add elements such as Christmas balls, garlands, chestnuts, twigs, or cinnamon sticks.

Always remember that the presentation of your products is key, finally always buy something that looks nice. If yours are services such as a hairdresser, do not be afraid to make discounts or offer promotions with a Christmas gift or generate a kind of gift card that includes cutting, manicure, pedicure, etc., and the same for other services.

2. Products in action

In your virtual store, there are products that are more convincing if we see them in action is useful for us or someone close to us.

In the previously proposed scenarios, you can carry out the photographic session where you show how your product can look in use, seen from different angles and in different situations.

You can even create a complimentary video of the photo shoot, either for YouTube or for your Instagram account, where you briefly show your product in motion.

3. Special packaging

Wrapping gifts can become a tedious and unpleasant experience, so you can take advantage of and have a special Christmas packaging that allows the person who purchases your products to place it directly under the Christmas tree. You can make use of custom packaging boxes that can be ideally used to depict your brand’s image in the market.

4. Discounts and special offers

We suggest that you have offers for a limited time and that include, if possible, no shipping costs. What if on Mondays and Fridays you have free shipping from a certain amount? Apart from having more customers, they will always be aware of entering your store on those days, waiting for new promotions.

5. Free product samples

It is the best time to win over your new customers, keep your current customers and take the opportunity to show some products that are new or are a little behind and see if you can generate a little interest. Having a small product tasting in your business will always help you increase sales, remember that the customer wants to know a product before buying it.

6. Greet your customer's free product samples

Delivering a simple Christmas card builds customer loyalty and can also attract others. We recommend you send a congratulatory email for the season to your customers, personalized and signed by the brand / virtual store.

  • Create a design according to the season and make them feel part of your brand. In addition, you can take the opportunity to include a discount coupon in that email.
  • Create a marketing campaign that positions your brand
  • Strengthen your brand through a positioning campaign on the internet and social networks to make consumers know you even before you are on the supermarket shelves.
  • And, once you enter the store, run sampling campaigns for customers to try your product and decide to buy it.

7. Make sure to develop growth plans to adapt your productive capacity to greater demand

It is useless for an SME to enter a large Commercial Chain and have higher sales if after the first delivery it cannot satisfy the real demand. Nothing hurts a product that is starting to position itself more than falling out of supply.

You must have a sufficient production capacity in the beginning, but also have a strategic plan so that you do not have problems with cash flow, facilities, or supplies when you need to grow.


By making use of these promotional strategies during Christmas, New Year, or Valentine's season, you can easily create a lasting impact on the customers and spread brand awareness.  You can apply these functional marketing and promotional strategies to make sure that people choose your brand by giving preference to it.

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