Nursing Annotated Bibliography and the qualities it holds

Annotated Bibliography refers to be a descriptive form of a list that is inclusive of all sorts of sources and resources that hold a common focus and theme

Nursing Annotated Bibliography and the qualities it holds

It is inclusive of a variety of entries that are written as per proper citation and reference. The citation here helps the students to come up with the name of author, title, data, and source along with the publisher’s name. 

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What does the Nursing Annotated Bibliography address?

A Nursing Annotated Bibliography is known to be a document that is full of concise and brief data and information that helps to describe the summary and that evaluates the content of the source. Some of the things that are addressed in a Nursing Annotated Bibliography are:

  1. It makes sure to describe the content that the source holds in
  2. It makes sure to evaluate the usefulness of the information that is used in particular to fetch out more information.
  3. Tp explain the methods used 
  4. It also draws attention to the theme that is a part of the same
  5. It makes sure to put forward the strengths and weaknesses of the same
  6. The reliability of the author is also discussed
  7. Evaluation of the authenticity of the content is also seen. 

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