Natural Tableware Supplies in NSW Australia

Natural Tableware Supplies in NSW Australia

Nature plays a pivotal role in human’s life. It is an art of God and the rest of the things in the universe are artificial. Nature is very essential to life and it is very much related to life. Nature is full of beauties, a human should know to perceive them. Natural products made from natural resources has equal importance. The usage of Natural Tableware has an Increased rapidly in Past Decades. People aware of plastic threats to humans life. Natural tableware is an alternate way to stop the use of plastic products. Naturalpanaa has started to prevent the environment from harmful products like plastics and to spread natural products throughout the world. Going Green is our main motto.


Earth is surviving a lot due to non-biodegradable substances like rubber, plastic, metals, toxic, etc., These products can be available in very low cost but its impact is very large which we cannot imagine. Only Natural products can keep Nature as it is. Nature is the gift of God. It’s our responsibility to save nature from Hazard.


Products we have:

* Areca Palm leaf plates.

* Areca Palm leaf bowl.

* Areca Dinner Pack.

* Areca Party Set.

* Birchwood Knife.

* Birchwood Spoon.

* Birchwood Fork.




Our Manufacturing process:

1. Collecting the Fallen leaves from Areca palm tree.

2. Making the collected leaves Dry.

3. Cleaning leaves with fresh water.

4. Cutting the leaves and Heat pressing to get desired shapes.

5. Trimming the edges of the plates.

6. Cleaning the plates in clean clothes.

7. Sterilizing it.

8. Wrapping in a Paper.

9. Aligned in Carton box.

10. Disposal of plates.

11. Back to Earth as manure.

12. Areca plant Grows.


During our manufacturing process, we don’t cut trees, No use plastic coating, No toxic chemical, 100% chemical-free, odorless.


Top Benefits of Natural tableware:

1. Reduce Pollution:

Human is the main source for causing pollution. A major cause is due to plastic products and Non-Eco-friendly products. We can get rid of the pollution by going to grean and using Eco-friendly products. Areca Palm Tree absorbs the harmful air from the earth and cleans the air in the atmosphere. Eco-friendly products will prevent us from Air pollution, land pollution, ocean pollution, etc.,


2. Prevent from deadly disease:

Plastic has lots of chemicals and detrimental to the human body. Those chemicals in plastic plates mixed with food and causes diseases like Asthma, cancer, Kidney failure. Eco-Friendly products should be used as an alternative to those plastics to avoid deadly diseases. The natural material is bio-degradable and Environmental friendly.


“Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and it’s beauty.”
-Albert Einstein


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