Natural Food diets to Boost Sperm Counts

Natural foods providing so many health benefits, including increase the sperm count.

Natural Food diets to Boost Sperm Counts

One new child comes to this world with the combination of sperms and eggs in a woman womb. Naturally eggs present in women womb, but sperms providing by men through his reproductive organ penis. Sperm is an important thing to form fertility in women womb.

The sperm cell development in a normal man’s testicles with the help of hypothalamus gland and pituitary gland. The sperm cell is produced in a man’s testicles; afterward sensitive pipes transport them unless they come in contact with semen and are ejaculated out of the penis. Few difficulties and issues on the result of the sperm count. Another problem is irregular sperm cell shape or activity motility. Men can avoid this issue by following natural foods that will definitely help to increase the sperm count.


We are all known very about the health benefits of banana. Bananas are rich in vitamins like C, B1, and A. It is useful in boosting up the rate of the sperm count and consists of a fine enzyme known as bromelain. This is necessary for managing sexual hormones and helps the body boost up its sperm developing capability and enhance stamina greatly. Red color banana is supported to stimulate men sexual hormones in a perfect way.


During cold and cough time, men body producing an only low level of sperms, this problem is easily solved by fruit Pomegranates. It consists of antioxidants that support men body to producing more sperm. Drinking pomegranates juice daily will damage free radicals and supports sperm fertilization.


Eggs readily help boost up the sperm count and appropriate fertilization. Eggs have the ability to destroy the testicular tissue as it is rich in vitamin E. This antioxidant quality of egg helps counterbalance the false impact of free radicals on our cells.

Drinking Plenty of Water

Water is the best resource to refresh the whole body within 2 minutes. So, the simple method of increasing men sperm count is drinking plenty of water daily. Dehydration is reducing the sperm counts and also destroys the sperm strength, so men must keep their body hydration always. It helps to increase the functioning of cells, including sperm.


Spinach is a green leafy vegetable it shows green signals to human health in various ways.  Spinach loaded with high proportions of folic acid. This folic acid helps in increasing sperm rate and boosts up their motility and makes men healthier. Another advantage is, spinach is easily available in the market at a low price.



Naturally, garlic has so many medicinal habits. This vegetable has the power to enhance the rate of blood flow in the body. Allicin is a chemical compound present in Garlic, which supports to get rid of plagues from developing up in the arteries and increases blood flow to the genitals as well as improve the sperm strength. This vegetable contains a huge amount of vitamin B6 and Selenium which protect sperm strength and is responsible for managing sexual hormones.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate plays a vital role in men sexual relationship life, yes it developing stronger and more intense orgasms in men. It is enriched with L-arginine HCL, supports to boosts-up the sperm count and increases the volume of semen.


A walnut has more power of antioxidants. It consists of an element known as arginine, supports to plays a key role in increasing sperm production. Another thing, fatty acids like omega-3 present in walnuts helps to increase the rate of the bold flow to the men reproductive organ.


The above mention natural food items are surely providing the best results and increase sperms counts in men body. Additionally, men can also get natural stamina and sexual boost up power to enjoying relationship hour with their partner. Few men are using super p force to overcome premature ejaculation and extend their relationship hour.

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