Important Tips to Follow for Hiring the Best Car Mechanic

This will help you in choosing the best mechanic for our car repair and servicing. It is always better to hire the best mechanics from the locality.

Important Tips to Follow for Hiring the Best Car Mechanic

We all have been at least once in our life when we have faced an issue with our vehicle. Under such circumstances, you would require a good and experienced car mechanic who would be able to identify and resolve the issue with your vehicle. Here we would discuss a few parameters which you should necessarily determine while hiring the best car mechanic for your troublesome car. You can consult an individual mechanic or you can also hire a mechanic from a certified agency.

Knowledgeable regarding the different auto parts of the car 

This is indeed the very first criteria that your car mechanic should fulfil. There are different auto parts which are no more available in the market. A simple trick to rightly determine if your chosen car specialist knows his business is to ask him to differentiate a few parts & then gauges if he is confidently answering all of your questions or is just making his way around with half or incomplete knowledge. The right mechanic changes coolant, tyres, the faculty wiring system and enhances the overall on-road functioning of your car.

Dynamic background on automotive repairing works 

Years ago, when the makes of our vehicles were relatively much simpler, any car mechanic would have been okay to handle those vehicles. But in today's high-tech and complex vehicles including the family sedans, SUVs, luxury and sports cars, we would require a car mechanic with a diverse background in the automotive repair services. You require to choose a mechanic who has got certifications of training programs & classes that he has attended before becoming a mechanic.

ASE certified to an automotive repair professional

Speaking of the certifications, perhaps the most widely recognized and famous one when this comes to professionals in the automotive industry is the ASE certification. Annually, an estimated 100,000 automotive technicians take ASE certification exams each May, and November held at over 750 locations. 

The right ASE certification that a car mechanic should have

When a car mechanic has an ASE certification, we're assured that our mechanic has a great professional background in his field of work as an ASE certification requires a minimum of two years’ work experience in addition to passing a series of specialized examinations which include Engine Repair, Electronic/Electrical Systems, Performance of the Engine, Air conditioning, Heating, Brakes, Steering and Suspension, Automatic transmissions, Axles etc. Along with the mechanical repairing of the car parts, they also check the electrical repairing part for the overall on-road functioning of the car.

Working in a reputed auto centre 

Unfortunately, ASE certifications apply only to the individuals and not to the auto centres. However, an auto centre with at least one ASE certified mechanic is allowed to display the ASE sign or signage for adding credibility to their work profile. Furthermore, any auto centre which has 75% ASE certified mechanics among its employees are also specially awarded by the governing bodies. This also means that you get the best warranty on the work done.

Apart from the ASE recognition, the other signs which we should preferably look for in an auto centre include well-organized and neat environment, complete and modern equipment, courteous staffs and good policies in regards to diagnostic fees, labour rates, guarantees etc. 


You should ask for the recommendations and referrals of the mechanics whose services they have used recently. This will help you in choosing the best mechanic for our car repair and servicing. It is always better to hire the best mechanics from the locality, as that would entail no extra labor or additional raw material cost in terms of your investment. Hence when you hire the best mechanic, you can get from the local lots to save your cost.

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