How Travel Portal Software with API Helps Travel Agencies to Enhance Their Resources

How Travel Portal Software with API Helps Travel Agencies to Enhance Their Resources

The modern online travel agencies are earning more profits and escalating their business and all these have been possible due to the enumerable resources travel agencies are aggregating from the global travel content suppliers. A few decades ago, travel agencies had limited resources on travel contents and to gather information about each flight or bus or train, they had to make phone calls or individual appointments were the only option. The emergence of technology and its utilization in the travel industry has touched the milestone and now modern travel agencies are going online and with the integration of travel portal software with API into the system, it has become easy to aggregate the real-time information of the multiple airlines, hotels, bus, car rental companies, cruise etc.

If you want to make it bigger in the travel industry, you must focus on becoming a reliable source among your clients. This will be possible only if you consider gathering global travel content suppliers. Millennial travelers prefer a travel booking site that enables them to search and select from multifarious option on travel content so that they can create their itinerary as per their choice and convenience. Customers inclined more towards a website that delivers one roof solution for all travel needs and so offering an enriching booking experience is very important to survive in the market. By integrating unique and effective technological solutions, travel agents, travel operators, travel service providers (airlines, hotels, car rental companies, bus operators, train or cruise etc.) are delivering their out of the box services to the consumers. It helps in scaling-up the business as well as improves customer loyalty too. The latest developments and technological innovations have boosted the travel industry with its impeccable solutions.

Features you will avail in API integration advance module are as follows:

  • Flight management module enables to manage the flight booking list, manage markup, manage discount for both B2B and B2C.
  • The deal feature in this module enables to add hot deals for flight and hotel with customized offers.
  • Staff management feature enables the admin to provide accessibility of a particular functionality only to certain specific staff.
  • Coupon management feature enables the admin to create new coupon codes for different services.
  •  Payment management feature enables the admin to get the record of all the payments made specifically for B2B and B2C.
  • Epoint management governs the epoints given to the customers on registration and while making the bookings.
  • Convenient fee management is used to add convenience fees on each transaction for both B2B and B2C distinctly.
  • Admin ip management is used to restrict a particular ip from accessing the admin section.
  • The admin section also covers query, newsletter, media and testimonial management.

When a travel agent decides to take up XML API Integration Services, it earns you benefits through several aspects.

  • It helps to develop and maintain inventories for flights, hotels, tours, rental cars, payment gateways etc. worldwide and enables customer to select his required needs from the options available.
  • Takes care of branding and marketing related initiatives as it conceals the information of API which is the source of all essential data.
  • Allows OTAs to opt for target marketing on the basis of geography by integrating with suppliers of a particular region.
  • Multiple integrations can be implemented in one system in order to have a large inventory.
  • Maintenance of the system is done by your technology provider.

XML API Integration enables travel agency to provide real-time inventories of flights, hotels, tours etc. and acts as an interpreter between the travel service suppliers and online travel agencies so that the information can be fetched on the online travel portal. Ithelps to centralize the entire inventory management, increases distribution channels in a low-budget. Getting global exposure to amplify your travel business realm is not a cakewalk. You must build software that helps you enhance your travel content resources. The demands and requirements of each traveler are different and you should not run a business with limited resources. Get access to worldwide travel content suppliers and become a reliable travel and tour operator among your clients.

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