How to Choose the Right Medical Alarm for Seniors

If you have an elderly at home, you need to have a plan in case of an emergency. What should you look out for when choosing the best personal alert system for seniors?

How to Choose the Right Medical Alarm for Seniors

If you have an elderly at home, you need to have a plan in case of an emergency. What should you look out for when choosing the best personal alert system for seniors? 

Consider the Pendant Features

A high-quality and well-performing pendant should be able to work anywhere in the house. A 25-meter range simply won’t do. If there’s a required fee to increase the range that your pendant can pick up a signal from the base unit for 50meters, then you’re definitely getting the most out of it. Choose a pendant that can work up to or even exceed a 150-meter radius and makes false alarm almost impossible. 

Avoid Pendants Causing False-Alarms

Beware of SOS go-anywhere alarms that are being sold at a cheap price, yet add a very large margin. These pendants may come in rechargeable forms which can be dangerous for forgetful elderlies. These pendants have a very sensitive fall detection system. A slight trip can set off consistent false alarms and a one-button design can be pressed unintentionally. 

Furthermore, this type of pendant doesn’t guarantee to be fully waterproof. The elderly can’t wear them inside the bath which is crucial since there is an astounding rate of elderly falls in the bathroom. 

The most important thing to consider is that Triple Zero will not respond to inaccurate GPS coordinates. The elderly may not receive the immediate and appropriate response needed which is very dangerous. 

Monitoring Options Provided

Is the ongoing monitoring fee too costly? Some providers can offer a 30-day trial, after that the elderly must source their own sim card. This is an absolute nightmare since the elderly cannot immediately drive themselves out to purchase a new sim in an instant. 

Medical alarm providers are expected to have a 24/7 monitoring service available. But, if the elderly have an option to find a service at a reasonable cost and with a unit that has top of the line features then it’s definitely a better option. 

Choose one with no lock-in contracts, has high-level client support, offers flexible payment options, and can be easily transitioned to a non-monitored system as desired.  

Personal Alert System and Triple Zero  

What if the sim card runs out of credit or gets canceled, can it still dial to Triple Zero? An ideal personal alert system should be able to contact Triple zero even if the landline or NBN fails. Also, whether the sim card has no credit or has gone missing the medical alarm should still be able to dial to the Triple Zero hassle-free. 

Medical Alarms with Back-up Battery 

Power outage or interruptions aren’t common but can certainly occur anywhere in Australia. Is your medical alarm ready during a power failure? When choosing a medical alarm, it is important to consider whether it has a battery back-up in case of power failure. If it can operate for 40 hours with just the battery as it’s main power source then the better. 

Uncomplicated Programming and Installation

Elderly persons should be able to set-up and install their medical alarm with ease. Technology can certainly become overwhelming to some of them so they don’t need another complicated machine. Select a medical alarm that has already been programmed for them to just plug and run. 

Some seniors have a limited range of motion due to medical conditions or disabilities. A medical alarm provider should have accompanying registered technicians available for dispatch when needed. In this day and age, customer support is essential. Choose a company that guarantees quality support available in various portals - whether through phone, chat or email.      

Consider the factors that were mentioned above in choosing the right medical alarm for your elderly loved ones. It is a good investment that offers peace of mind and provides protection. This is especially helpful if they live alone. In addition, it’s another to help them stay independent for as long as they can. 


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