How do you find the basketball training program that’s best for your kid?

Do you think your child is enthusiast about basketball? It's a great time to consider for basketball training program. Here are some tips to find best basketball training program.

How do you find the basketball training program that’s best for your kid?

If your kid is interested in basketball, then one of the best and most constructive after school or holiday activities for them to partake in is a basketball training program. A basketball training program is the best way for your child to develop excellent social, emotional and physical skills. Sending your child to a basketball academy is usually a win-win situation where you, as the parent, are content knowing that your child is doing something constructive with their free time while your child has fun engaging in an activity that he or she loves with like-minded friends. The area that many parents struggle with is how to find the best basketball training program for their kid. This is especially difficult for parents who aren’t fans of basketball and therefore, have no idea how to select a training program.

For this reason, we have developed a guide for parents who want to find the best basketball training program for their children. When reading our guide, remember that training programs should not just be judged on its classes and coaches, you should also consider your child. Many kids are specific about what is considered fun, enjoyable or interesting for them. Take some time to figure out or ask what your kid will like from a basketball training program.

Are basketball training programs suitable for my kid in high school?

Yes! Many basketball training programs across the country offer training sessions for kids under 17. Just ensure that any basketball training program that you and your kid are researching offers for this age group. Some basketball academies focus on certain age groups.

4 factors to consider when searching for the best basketball training program

  1. Proximity to your home
    While this is more of a practical consideration in determining the suitability of a basketball program, it is also very important and key in finding the best program for your kid.  Many people don’t think about the location of a training academy in relation to their home, instead, they get extremely excited only to be disappointed after the first few sessions. Ensure that the training program you select is either very close to your home or work, your kid’s school, or near to public transportation, if your child is comfortable utilising the latter. You won’t want your kid to begin to love the program, only to have it become a burden.
  2. Classes offered and team
    A basketball training program usually offers a number of different classes, all focusing on different areas of the game. It’s rare to find a basketball training program that does not offer sessions on various areas of the game, however, some academies may not offer them all consistent throughout the year, so it’s best that you research beforehand.

    Any reputable and high-quality basketball academy will offer a program that is organised and run by skilled and well-know, experienced professional basketballers or coaches. A simple Google search of the persons who run the program will tell you their qualifications and whether or not they are competent to run the program. If you can’t find any information, then consider calling the academy to find out more information.

    If they are not specially qualified, then this signals that the academy is not worth spending your money.
  3. Skill level
    Every basketball player (even your kid!), plays at a particular skill level. It’s important that you select a basketball training program that can accommodate this skill. If you send your child to a program that cannot, then your risk not harnessing your child's capabilities or disillusioning them from the game entirely. Whether your kid plays at a beginner or an intermediate level, ensure that you find out whether or not they have programs aimed at children with this playing ability. If you’re unsure of how to judge this (it usually is stated on their program roster), then simply call and ask the program organisers.
  4. Age group and comfort level of your child
    Sending your child to a basketball training program that is appropriate for their age is key in ensuring that they are comfortable and do not feel overwhelmed or unmotivated. If the kids in the program are too young, you can risk your child being bored or unchallenged at the camp. On the other end of the spectrum, if your kids in the program are too old, your child may feel anxious and scared which may prevent him or her from learning at the program.

These factors all affect your child’s comfort level in the program which ultimately, affects their experience in the program and their ability to learn and improve. Therefore, it‘s important that you find a program that is suitable for your child’s age and comfort level.

We highly recommend that you take advantage of one of the private basketball coaching sessions or basketball training programs in Sydney. With basketball training programs available for all ages, skill levels and areas of Sydney, you are bound to find the one best suited for your family.

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