5 Essential Secrets When Dealing With Auto Wreckers and Dismantlers

5 Vital Secrets When Dealing With Auto Wreckers & Dismantlers. Tip 1: Negotiate. Selling used spare parts can be a bit of a black art.

5 Essential Secrets When Dealing With Auto Wreckers and Dismantlers

Car wreckers can be a great source for spare parts for your car, especially for the pieces that are hard to get from an automotive store or too expensive. Just make sure you do your homework properly and follow these 5 tips, because prices can vary significantly and there may be much to save.

5 essential Secrets When Dealing With Car Wreckers & Dismantlers

Tip 1: Negotiate

Selling used spare parts (especially older ones) can be a bit of black art. Car Wreckers Adelaide will try it on and give you a high priced quote to see if you’ll pay it. This is often for the small things that you don’t want to have to purchase new. Don’t be afraid to walk away if the price isn’t reasonable. Chances are they will call you back.

Tip 2: Compare Prices with New Parts

Every now and again you may find that the new car part is actually cheaper than what a wrecker charges. If you know this before you go to the wrecker then you know the limits of your price. If their price is more or similar, then you can either negotiate or walk away.

Tip 3: Call First

Check with local car wreckers to see if they have the part and what price they’ll sell it for. Because you’re not in the shop yet they may quote you a good price to get you to visit. Be careful buying used electrical parts unless you are an experienced auto electrician and can test them.

Tip 4: Shop Around

There are a number of smash repairers and wreckers all over Australia. Don’t be afraid to give a few of them a quick call to find out what the cost will be. You’ll be amazed at the differences in prices you’re quoted for the same thing. You could save more money than the cost of a two-hour round trip!

Tip 5: Check eBay

Quite often you’ll find that parts can be just as cheap or cheaper on eBay. Once you’ve got a few quotes (you called first right?) then check eBay and see how the prices compare. Make sure the part will fit before you order!

Our Conclusion: Car Wreckers Good or Bad?

When it comes to dealing with SA Cash For Cars Adelaide, it’s worth doing your due diligence thoroughly. Remember the prices they set are a bit of a black art so there could be a big variation between them. Some wreckers are honest but others are not to be trusted. Google for reviews to find out what other people say. Be streetwise, don’t take chances.

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