Expert tips for finding a perfect house in Los Angeles

Take a look at our expert tips for finding a perfect house in Los Angeles and make sure your dreams become a reality in no time.

Expert tips for finding a perfect house in Los Angeles

Finding a house, especially as a newcomer to a city, can be an overwhelming experience. On the one hand, it is an exciting prospect and, on the other, a daunting task. This is perhaps even more true when talking about Los Angeles. The city of Los Angeles is the second most populated city in America. You can imagine just how high the demand is. Fortunately, this also means that there is no shortage on the supply side. Only because there is plenty on offer doesn’t mean that you will have an easy time finding the right house. If you follow these expert tips for finding a perfect house in Los Angeles, you should be able to find a place to make your home.

House hunting can be a fairly emotional process, but you will need to stay focused on the job at hand and follow these tips.

A few expert tips for finding a perfect Los Angeles house

If you are relocating from the east coast, to prevent yourself from making the wrong decision prior to moving to Los Angeles, make sure to familiarize yourself with the differences between living on the West Coast and East Coast. To move, you will need to take advantage of several house-hunting tips. Start by answering a couple of questions.

What type of house do you need?

Perhaps the most important thing you need to consider is what type of house you need or want. There are various styles of houses available on the market, from single-family homes built in a Spanish style to those with more modern architectural characteristics. You will need to decide on the style and the number of rooms, size of the plot, number of bathrooms, and other features you require. Once you know what you are looking for, it will be easier to focus your search.

How big is your budget?

Once you know what type of house you want, you will need to settle on a budget. There is no point in setting an unrealistic budget as this will only land you in hot water later on. In terms of housing costs in Los Angeles, the median price per square foot in 2020 was around $450. Housing costs vary between neighborhoods, so you will need to keep this in mind when house hunting.

Also, don’t forget to keep your relocation costs in mind as well as this is money you will need to spend and factor into your total budget. This should not worry you, though, as not spending too much is possible with a little bit of research and organization.

Don’t forget to include the downpayment you will need to make as well. It’s likely to be a hefty sum of money, so don't overlook this. Don’t be scared off by the downpayment size, though; there are various mortgage programs available for first-time homebuyers looking to buy in the Los Angeles area that can make the entire process a lot easier.

Get pre-approved for a loan

Unless you have been dealt a lucky hand in life, the chances are that you won't be buying your house for cash. This means you will require a loan. Try to get pre-approved for your loan because this will make the process of making an offer a lot faster and easier. Speed is of the essence when looking for your perfect house in a competitive market. You wouldn’t want to lose out on your dream house because the approval process took too long.

Research the various neighborhoods

An upmarket house in a good neighborhood.

 Choosing the right neighborhood will go a long way towards ensuring your property value is maintained.


Different neighborhoods will have different property prices, but this isn’t the only thing to look at when considering which neighborhood you want to buy a house in. It would be best if you also considered the infrastructure in the area. How connected is the neighborhood in terms of public transport? How many schools are in the vicinity, and how well-rated are they? Generally speaking, districts with good schools tend to maintain their property value but also see an increase in property values. You will find more amenities in these neighborhoods too. Seeing that you are probably buying a house for the long term, you should have a return on investment or ROI in mind.

Know what to say and what you shouldn’t say

Houses that we spend most of our lives in grow on us. The same is the case with sellers. This means they have probably developed an emotional attachment to their house. They won’t want to hear too many negative comments about it. Therefore, you should never mention any changes or renovations you wish to make once you buy the house. This is like telling them you are going to tear their home down and change it completely.

You should also never let the seller know that the house is perfect for you. While they will probably take it as a compliment, it will also let them know just how much you like the place, and that, in turn, will make price negotiations a lot more difficult.

At the same time, you should keep your eyes open for any signs of deterioration to the house. They could end up costing you a fair amount to repair. Get to know how to spot signs of water leaks and damage. These can be important negotiating points.

Seek help from a professional

Finding a perfect house in Los Angeles might sound like a challenge. But, this is one challenge you don’t want to have a go at without help. It is a good idea to get a professional real estate agent involved. The local agents know the area best and will be able to help you throughout the process of finding a house.

Professional help is available for your move as well. You will have plenty of tasks to take care of. Thinking about packing, unpacking, and the logistics of your move will only increase your stress levels. Therefore, you should let the guys from take care of this part of your relocation hassle-free.

Finding a perfect house in Los Angeles requires openness to a variety of options

While knowing what you are looking for will help tailor your search, it is essential not to fall into the trap of making your search too narrow. Finding a house that meets absolutely all of your needs is never easy. Narrowing your search too much could mean that you miss out on a great house in another area with just as many, if not more, amenities.

The time is now

A couple taking a stroll on the beach in Los Angeles.

 Once you find the right house, don’t stall on making an offer, and hopefully, you'll be soaking up the Los Angeles sunshine in no time.


Once you find the right house, don’t stall. Make your offer. There are definitely seasonal variations in the number of properties on offer. Spring brings the most market activity. But, at the same time, property values also tend to be highest in the springtime. December tends to have the lowest property prices but also the smallest number of houses on offer.

If you feel that you have found the right home for yourself in Los Angeles and you feel you can afford it, then the time to make an offer is now. Any delays will probably end up with someone else snatching the property right in front of your nose.

Try to stay positive. With our expert tips for finding a perfect house in Los Angeles, you will get closer to soaking up the sunshine and enjoying your life in your new house.


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