Enrol Your Child In An Authentic British Curriculum School In Sharjah

Brilliant International School Sharjah is a top-quality education provider, offering the British curriculum to students of all ages. The school has a strong focus on academic excellence, and provides a supportive and nurturing environment for its students. With affordable school admissions in Sharjah, Brilliant International School Sharjah is the perfect choice for families seeking a high-quality education for their children.

Enrol Your Child In An Authentic British Curriculum School In Sharjah

Sharjah has an abundance of educational institutions due to its reputation as a family-friendly emirate. Cambridge curriculum school is a popular option for many parents in the emirate because of the National Curriculum of England’s highly regarded application-based approach to education.

There are innumerable Cambridge curriculum schools all over Sharjah, and they are pretty famous as well. Are you confused about how to enrol your kids in the authentic British school in Sharjah? Dive right into the article for a detailed understanding of the procedure.

All You Must Know About British Curriculum School

British schools are present all over Sharjah and are liked by many parents. With a top-notch, ahead of its time curriculum, they are the perfect place to make your kids ready for the future. Here are the most essential things you must know about the curriculum:


The curriculum gives equal importance to core subjects, including art and science. Apart from this, maths and history are also focused on in these schools. All the subjects are in English as per British standards, with Arabic being the second language.

They also give adequate importance to Islamic studies to teach the students about the culture of the place they live in.

Customised And Children Oriented

Teachers use creative lesson planning strategies, producing diverse outcomes and successes as a result. There are several different courses in the curriculum.

Students give their full attention to the subjects they excel in while receiving support in their areas of weakness. Additionally, they instruct kids to understand the material they are studying more deeply rather than simply memorising it.

Stages Offered

All the British curriculum schools offer classes from kindergarten to 12th. The curriculum is carefully designed to suit each age category so that the students don’t feel overwhelmed and are thorough with what they learn.

They put great emphasis on the child’s overall development as well as give equal importance to academic subjects and co-curricular activities.


The authentic schools have British accreditation and prepare the students for future studies properly. The (I)GSE and A levels help the students continue their studies with ease.

Another advantage of studying in an international school is the fact that they give the students the opportunity to continue future studies in the United Kingdom with ease.

School Atmosphere

The school environment is perfect for students of all ages. It gives them the opportunity to learn in a nurturing atmosphere. The curriculum and teaching style is the same for everyone.

They focus on the students’ overall growth as well with the introduction of beyond-the-walls learning. It is believed that the student will learn better when taught practically. Therefore, the students get the opportunity to have hands-on practical experience in labs and outside the four walls of the school.

How To Apply To British Curriculum School?

The necessary steps that each parent must follow in order to enrol their children in the top Cambridge curriculum schools in Sharjah are below:

Online Registration

In numerous schools, kindergarten through grade 10 students are now registering for the academic year 2022–2023. Most schools have online prospectuses and application forms because of increasing digitisation.

They are often subject to the first-come, first-served rule. Consider registering as soon as you can if you have made up your mind. Seats fill up rapidly at these schools.

Apply For Entrance

Anyone applying for admission should register for the entrance exam. After turning in the completed entrance exam application form to the school administrator, parents often receive a ticket.

Entrance Examination

On the day and time noted on their hall ticket, applicants must show up for an entrance exam. According to the curriculum, the entrance test syllabus/part is relatively recent.

Counselling Session

Successful candidates will receive information about this procedure. The school invites the child’s parents to a counselling session. Parents have to answer some general questions to make sure that they are fit to enrol their kids in the school and pass the mandatory requirement.

Visit School

Parents and children can explore the school’s facilities, policies, and practices after consulting with the administration. One can visit the school to see the infrastructure and make sure that they are getting what they are paying for.

Interview Round

In addition to instructors, parents have the opportunity to speak with administrators and the principal. This procedure aids in resolving any uncertainties or questions parents could have regarding the admissions process.

Final Registration Process

To fill out an application form, parents and children can see the school secretary. Here, they provide the required paperwork and make payments. The department director and principal provide oversee this.


Documentation Required For Admission


For smooth admission of your child, keep a photocopy of all the documents with you in addition to the application form:

  • Student and parent passports
  • Report card from the most recent school (not applicable for kindergarten admission)
  • Vaccination records because of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Birth certificate of the student
  • Passport size photographs of the student clicked in front of a white background
  • Residency proof of the student
  • U.A.E ID cards that are valid for both the student and the parents.

Final Thoughts

British Schools offer an all-around learning experience to all its students to grow in the best schooling environment that Sharjah has to offer. With a perfect blend of academic study and motor development activities, these schools are sought after by many parents in the whole of Sharjah.

Cambridge curriculum schools are in great demand all over Sharjah. With so much demand, the admission process can be a little overwhelming for the parents. Therefore, being aware of the procedures and following them properly can benefit you a lot.

Try submitting all the applications on time so that your kid has the advantage of getting into the best international school in Sharjah.

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