Don’t Know What To Give Your Friend On Their Birthday? What About A Personalised Birthday Gift- Know More About Them

Don’t Know What To Give Your Friend On Their Birthday? What About A Personalised Birthday Gift- Know More About Them

As you get older, birthdays tend to get more and more boring. Not only does the excitement die over the years, but the entire drill of “I want to grow older” lessens quite a bit too. So when your friend’s feeling the ‘birthday blues,’ you can’t really blame them. 

As a friend, it’s only natural for you to want to make them feel better - but how do you do it? Do you get them a custom night sky print as a gift? Or do you take them out for lunch and surprise them with a custom printed map of the location you’re at?

There’s a lot you can do to make your friend feel better. Here’s why we believe that a personalised gift could be one of the best decisions you’ll make:

  1. It shows you know what they like

When it comes to buying a gift for a friend on a birthday, it’s about much more than just giving a present for the sake of celebration. You always have the option of giving a simple gift, but when you want to make your friend feel special, you need to do so with your actions.

A personalised birthday gift will allow them to see that you care about putting forward a message rather than just a materialistic item. For example, a personalised star map could allow them to remember why their birthday is a special day. When a person begins to feel unhappy on their birthday, it’s important to remind them they’re special in different ways.

  1. It shows effort

All relationships require effort, regardless of whether it’s a friendship or the tale of two lovers. If there is no effort, there will be no relationship. Giving a personalised map print of your favourite location or a custom star map print of their birth date will allow them to see that you took the time and effort to go beyond the general protocol of birthday presents and celebrations.

Regardless of how excited your friend might or might not be for their birthday, you need to give them a birthday they will remember for the rest of their lives. The celebration comes once a year, and as a friend, you must celebrate it to their heart’s extent.

  1. It’s a gift they’ll want to keep for the rest of their lives

Many a time, the gifts we receive end up as gifts for another by re-gifting or are ‘lost’ while moving out. However, when it comes to personalised gifts, your friend will want to keep it with them for the rest of their life no matter where they end up going.

Whether you lose touch over the years or end up in different cities and countries, a personalised gift will allow your bond with your friend to be strong for all of their lives.

Buy a customised star map print, today

At Custom Prints, you can find different designs of map prints and star maps to act as the ideal birthday present for your friend. Either calling back to one of your special locations or the date of their birthday itself, you can help them enjoy their birthday celebrations with warmth in their heart.

If a friend is feeling the birthday blues, it’s time to take the extra step and give them a gift they would otherwise not predict. Buy a personalised gift for your friend, today.


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