Canada's best cities for entrepreneurship

Go through our list of Canada’s best cities for entrepreneurship so you can decide where your next business venture will take place and have the most success.

Canada's best cities for entrepreneurship

Starting or expanding your business is something that strongly depends on location. The place where you start developing your career will shape the pace and success of the process. The needs of the market, target customers, and partners are the critical elements of success, and you need to pick the right location to get them. We've got a helpful guide for those moving to Canada or simply looking for a place to develop their business there. Here are Canada's best cities for entrepreneurship so you can start planning your move as soon as possible.

Reasons why Canada is great for entrepreneurs

It's no wonder why so many people choose this country for their new entrepreneurial projects. Canada is great to start a business for several different reasons, for both locals and those moving from abroad:

  • it's relatively easy to find a workforce – Canada’s workforce is in general very educated and skilled, which is essential to make any business succeed;
  • booming tech scene – Canada is entering the global tech scene and makes an excellent place for investors;
  • excellent quality of life – Canada ranks among the top countries worldwide regarding healthcare, education, etc. It simply makes an exceptional place to live and raise your family;
  • plenty of natural resources and natural beauty make Canada also a genuinely wonderful place to live;
  • help for entrepreneurs – in Canada, those who want to start a business can find several different assistance programs that help your business grow.

Where to start a business?

Luckily, there are plenty of great locations where entrepreneurs could start their ventures. However, we’ve narrowed the list down to only the best ones that offer the most, for various niches.


The city of Toronto is not only one of the best travel destinations but it also belongs to the list of the best cities to start a business globally. And there are some good reasons for it. The city offers impressive business conditions for multiple sectors, a thriving economy, and many talented people. Tech industry, along with financial, commercial, and industrial, are so strong here. As a result, the city is popular among companies from all around the world. The city contains one of the most educated populations, which results in a highly talented and reliable workforce.

Furthermore, the size of the city gives enough opportunities but makes it possible to have a healthy competition, too. Finally, since 2018, Toronto has had one of the most popular locations for business offices – The Professional Centre. It allows businesses to have an extraordinary workspace, multiple services and functions, and beautiful tech aesthetic.

alt.tag: Toronto at nighttime

There are many reasons to start a business in Toronto.


This city is popular among entrepreneurs and all others looking for a fantastic place to live. Vancouver belongs to the top list of the most livable cities in the world, attracting people from all walks of life. Business venturers love it for its connectivity to other parts of the country – especially Silicon Valley, the home of many start-ups and successful global companies. The city offers the same amount of talent and opportunities, yet the salaries and other costs are fairly lower than in the Valley. When it comes to a modern workspace, Vancouver has Intelligent Office in West Broadway. It helps people work smarter, increases productivity, and improves the overall experience of employees.

All of these reasons make people move from all across the country, even from the capital. However, many worry about the cost of such a long-distance move, especially when it comes to commercial relocation. However, you can find affordable movers in Ottawa if you dedicate some of your time to a bit of research. It is possible to leave Ottawa without spending too much once you discover professionals with reasonable rates. Furthermore, on-time planning and careful organization will minimize unexpected costs and make sure you relocate without headaches.

Vancouver skyline

Vancouver is the new Silicon Valley in the business world – use that to your advantage.


Montreal and Toronto are rivals in almost every aspect, including the business world. Both are excellent an prospect for business venturers, and many people can’t decide between these two. Montreal is a well-connected start-up community, which means you will have support from those similar to you. There are many events and organizations dedicated to developing a business, and you can learn so much from them and get in touch with some relevant people. Also, the city is a pool of talented, educated students looking to prove themselves and gain experience in new companies. That’s why the recruiting process shouldn’t be a problem if you decide to start a business here.

people in an office having a meeting

The city where you can learn and achieve more is the one that belongs to the list of Canada’s best cities for entrepreneurship.

Edmonton, Alberta

Even though it’s not the first city that comes to mind when you think about Canada’s best cities for entrepreneurship, it's undoubtedly worth your attention. This medium-sized city is known for its energy and oil industries, yet it offers so much more. Small businesses are more than welcome here, especially ones related to real estate, owner-operated businesses, franchises, etc. Finally, the city has a great neighbor to think about – Calgary also belongs to the list of popular options for small start-ups.

Moving to one of Canada’s best cities for entrepreneurship

Whichever city you choose as your new business destination, let Professional Movers Ottawa help you get there. You can trust experts to relocate your home and office while you have enough time to deal with business-related tasks. You can be sure your belongings are safe, and you can start working on your dreams as soon as you arrive.

The effort pays off, so stay positive

Even though this is a highly demanding process and will take a lot of your energy, moving to one of Canada’s best cities for entrepreneurship to start doing something you love is absolutely worth it. New businesses often struggle initially, but with the right plan, clearly set goals, and a positive attitude – there are no limits to stop you.

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