Bathroom Trends 2022: Latest Styles for a Fresh Look

Cut to the suspense: the style that predominates in bathrooms in 2021 is the reference to nature. Whether by color or by materials, the inspirations of nature are everywhere. Thus, finished the industrial atmospheres, the natural side takes again its rights.

Bathroom Trends 2022: Latest Styles for a Fresh Look
Bathroom Trends 2022: Latest Styles for a Fresh Look

If this sunny start to the school year makes you grow wings and makes you want to renovate your home, there is no doubt that the 2022 bathroom decor trends will give you the necessary inspiration. Whether in terms of colors, decoration, style or layout, the 2021 bathroom stands out. Here are the decorating ideas that we recommend.


What's the style of Bathroom trends 2022?

Cut to the suspense: the style that predominates in bathrooms in 2021 is the reference to nature. Whether by color or by materials, the inspirations of nature are everywhere. Thus, finished the industrial atmospheres, the natural side takes again its rights.

In terms of materials in vogue in the bathroom, stone, especially marble, and exposed wood are very successful. This style of covering is only relevant, however, if it blends with the design of the shower or bathtub. The layout of the room is therefore expected to be coherent as a whole, to avoid lack of taste.

However, we must not obscure the return of tiling in the bathroom as wall covering, which remains however sober. Ultracoloured earthenware thus disappears in favor of less garish colors. Porcelain stoneware, perfectly imitating wood or stone, will permanently occupy the first place in Bathroom trends 2022.

Finally, this year, the trend is the tiling of floors and walls in the form of increasingly large tiles, always in ideas of sobriety and modernity. On the other hand, there is no question of laying tiles everywhere, except in the case of very large formats (for example 260x120). The paint therefore completes the wall covering.

Note that zellige and terrazzo have made a comeback in small decorative touches. On this principle, it is possible to make a splashback on the wall where the basin is located, ending with a paint of strong color, like ocher, green, Cayenne or terracotta. What are the trendy colors in the bathroom in 2021?

Each year sees the emergence of new trends in bathroom colors. In 2021, while certain colors are preferred, others are abandoned in the context of a renovation or a new development.


The colors to adopt in a bathroom in 2022

The star of colors in bathrooms in 2021 is the marble effect! Dark streaks (gold) on a white background or vice versa, marble is essential for an appreciable chic side. However, care must be taken to adapt the taps, which must be contemporary, in particular so as not to create a discrepancy in the style. Obviously, in parallel, black and white are on the rise, although black is beginning to give way to guns.


On the tap side, some colors are more popular than others. This is particularly the case with rose gold, copper, gun and oxide. On the other hand, gold, chrome, black and stainless steel are losing ground. Their intermediary, gray, will also find its place in Bathroom trends 2022, whatever its shade, light or dark, with an accentuated trend towards greige or taupe. When the different colors are associated in a graphic way, with clearly defined contours, the effect obtained in the house is resolutely modern. This concerns both the floor and wall covering as well as the furniture or any other element of decoration in the bathroom.

Finally, in line with the strong dominance of styles reminiscent of nature, blue, green and brownish are very popular in Bathroom trends 2022


Bathroom trends 2022 : design, minimalism and retro at the rendezvous

Assumed and minimalist wooden furniture, here is one of the major bathroom decor trends in 2021. With washbasins to be placed on a sober and discreet piece of furniture, or even a simple worktop, the time has come for discretion. The design is purified, to the detriment of storage. The space becomes cocooning rather than practical.


This trend towards minimalism and sobriety is also found in the shower, with walls and doors in transparent glass with finishing touches like the profiles or the shower arms, the objective being to show the interior. cabin and fittings, among others.

Let us also note the big comeback of the retro style in the bathroom in 2021. The freestanding bathtub proudly takes its place in the center of the room, while the various elements, in particular the taps, are chic, design and colorful.


Within the range of heating devices, the offer has evolved to offer radiators with designer shapes at increasingly lower prices. Enough to create an atmosphere in your image throughout the bathroom.


The furniture is refined in Bathroom trends 2022

In 2022 furniture is getting a makeover! They refine themselves, get rid of the superfluous in order to focus on the essential. This is called “slow deco”. Bathrooms are abandoning overly bulky furniture in favor of overhead furniture that facilitates and improves circulation. The suspended furniture blends into the decor and offers more airiness and lightness by providing a clear floor. The bases are making a comeback, and have become a design piece of furniture with thin and refined legs, an integrated washbasin, as at VitrA Bathrooms or Cielo Ceramica.


More curved shapes, and more neat finishes. Matt, lacquered or soft touch surfaces reign supreme on the facades. Corian® or solid surface invade your vanity tops. Molded, built-in or freestanding, the washbasin adapts to all your desires, both in their shapes and in their colors.


2022 is placed under the sign of nature. Wood (solid or laminate) is back in the bathroom. It is found as a complete covering on furniture, with attention paid to the quality and continuity of the grain. The wood blends perfectly with facades in powder coated or matt colors.


The trend is also towards personalization. No one wants the same bathroom as their neighbor. The brands therefore offer innovative and fully customizable solutions: colors and finishes of the facades, materials of the vanity tops, handles, backlit solutions, interiors of drawers, etc.


In 2022, if our bathroom must be unique, it must also be practical!

Brands have understood this and are competing for ideas to offer integrated and intelligent storage solutions.

To make your bathroom look great, here are some tips and solutions compiled for you, by the experts in .fittings



In any room of the house, a piece of furniture is what takes up the most space. But we need it to put everything away! In a small bathroom, focus on hanging furniture, columns, and small furniture with drawers. Also think about their color: prefer them rather clear, or even transparent, this will make the room more luminous and spacious.

Open shelves are also a good solution to save space. Add a curtain if you want to conceal what they contain.



The way you place furniture and sanitary ware is essential. Favor ease of access for the basin or sink, install the other elements in the remaining spaces. For example, place the tub on the back wall under a skylight, this will make the room bigger. Showers with sliding walls are preferable to opening walls. The latter are ideal if the Italian model. Finally, if you can, choose a vanity unit rather than a raised sink, and a wall-hung toilet if the latter must be placed in the bathroom.


Choose practical accessories: storage basket, wall-mounted towel warmer, wall cup ...

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