All About Playground Equipment

All About Playground Equipment

Kids love playgrounds, and we all know that they can't resist the urge to jump on a swing or slide. But as kids grow up, they want more than just slides and swings; they want things like monkey bars and climbing structures. That is why schools and parks need to invest in high-quality play equipment to keep their children safe while giving them new challenges. In this blog post, we'll discuss what you need to know about playground equipment.


Playground equipment is a vital part of any playground and can be used to create various games. An excellent place to start when purchasing the right piece for the job is by looking at what you want your children to do while playing on it. Plenty of thought goes into the design and construction of these pieces, so it's best not to buy one without considering what kids will get out of it.


Expanding your playground equipment and considering purchasing rope net climbers and crawl tubes and bridges is an essential step in understanding what makes a playground tremendous and what to look out for when planning a new site.


Old Playground Equipment Names


In some cases, certain types of playground equipment have fallen out of favor, or the terminology becomes dated because new safety guidelines are introduced. Some pieces can be discontinued altogether for not meeting modern standards regarding child play areas; however, even though these changes happen over time, it doesn't mean you won't find everyday items installed at newer sites either.



In an age where virtual reality is becoming more and more popular, some people have taken to using a different type of technology called "merry-go-round." This term can refer to both large playground equipment that allows daredevil children the opportunity for speed spinning, or it may also mean any small metal merry-go-around toy.



One of the most popular playground equipment, teeter-totters, is also known as seesaws. These seesawed devices have an essential safety feature that makes them great for little ones: they stop hard landings if one rider falls off. The CPSC handbook notes that any fulcrum type must limit its maximum angle to 25 degrees and be used with shock. Absorbing materials like partial car tires or other similar items so you can cushion impacts when your child crashes into them headfirst. However, don't worry because these types usually come equipped with springs at their centers which prevent damage if someone falls onto their device while riding on there still instead.


Giant Stride

The giant stride is a fun activity for kids to do during recess. It consists of an elevated pole with ropes hanging from it, which the children can grab onto while trying their hardest not just to run around but also hover above ground level or fly in circles! The best part about this game is its variations that allow players more control over how they play- making each experience unique and memorable.


Monkey Bars

Monkey bars are playground equipment that allows children to swing from bar to bar, much like chimps. The original form consisted simply of horizontal ladders suspended above the ground by upright poles. Still, newer designs have included more features for safety and amusement, including curves in the pathway, so kids don't just jump off when they get too high or turns, which allows them to explore different directions while climbing up on it.


Still Rings

Still rings are very much a part of playgrounds. The long, spinning chains that hang from them allow children to practice upper body strength by supporting their weight while hanging off the metal bar with just one hand or two for an extra challenge.


Modern Park Playground Equipment Names

Modern playgrounds are the best way to keep your child engaged, exercise their muscles, and have fun at the same time. They can typically be found in parks with swings for when you're not up for an intense game of doubles tennis, or they might offer slides that will take kids down low enough, so even little ones feel confident about themselves on this type of equipment.



Your average playground swing is usually the kind with belt seats that bend when you sit in them. Some new variations of this classic design, though, are meant to change up how they ride as much if not more than changing accessibility for everyone:


  • Accelerator swings

Accelerator Swings are a great way to get your kids moving and interacting with others. The big disc on this type of swing makes it easier for more minor children, as they can sit down while still being active.

  • Generation swing

Generation swing for playgrounds where lots of parents or grandparents bring kids, a generation swing is fantastic. This variation has motion and seating that combines an enclosed seat for toddlers and an open one big enough to sit on comfortably with plenty of space left over.


  • Inclusive swing seat 

A child's first swing is unique, but it doesn't have to be complicated. The inclusive seat provides an alternative for children who may not yet understand the mechanics of traditional belts or buckets with swings. It lets them enjoy riding without having to worry about coordination and balance skills they're still developing.


Viper Swing

The Viper swing is a group rope that can fit several people. The design means users need to practice cooperation and teamwork for the motion of swinging, which usually causes most Swaying - one user at first will not cause any movement. Still, as more join, they become so intertwined you cannot tell where each person ends, and another begins.


Playground Climbers

The climber is one of the most exciting parts of a playground. It encourages kids to use their developing muscles and work up all those ladders they have been climbing on since Infancy! The many classic people remember from childhood are geodesic climbers, which look like an upside-down dome made out of metal triangles connected at angles so you can quickly scale its heights.


Climbers are some of the most versatile playground equipment and come in a variety of themes and configurations, including:

  • Walker climbers

  • Vine climbers

  • Vertical climbing walls

  • Rocks

  • Logs

  • Noodle climbers

  • Tensile climbers

  • Ring climbers


Spring Riders

The thrill of adventure is in store for riders on springboards. Whether exploring the depths or taking flight with pirates, these chairs make for exciting games that capture kids' imaginations like no other toy can.



The concept of the merry-go-round has given rise to several equally exhilarating variations, all known as spinners. As you can imagine, including this type of spinning equipment in your home or office will bring pure enjoyment with it. Not only is their fun on two feet, but also benefits that kids reap from these activities. It enhanced sense touch and balance skills alongside improved posture control when they're done rolling around doing what feels good at their own pace, having some laughs while getting exercise too.


  • Barrel ride spinner

  • Saddle seat spinner

  • Maypole spinner

  • Tornado spinner

  • Whirl spinner


Choosing the right playground equipment can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. There are numerous panel activities that you can choose from. We hope this article has given you some insight into what makes up excellent play equipment and how to choose one that will best suit your needs. If you still feel like there are unanswered questions you need answers to, please don't hesitate to reach out with any of them. Our team is happy to help in any way we can.

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